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vecCentreOfMassOffset - Is the offset from the model's origin?

  • A wiki states a value of 0 sets the centre of gravity at the centre of the vehicle. Is the centre determined by the origin of the vehicle model or by the centre of the extremes of the model? The former makes more sense to me, but what do I know?


    @Markk are you trying to adjust handling? If so what is the vehicle doing?

  • Yes, I am trying to adjusting handling. I have not made any changes yet. I decided to ask here before using trial and error to figure things out.


    @Markk what are trying to do with the car?

  • It is an add-on vehicle. The handling it comes with is quite poor in terms of realism. I want to completely re-configure the handling. I have a base but it needs a lot of tweaking still since the base is from a different vehicle. I am just getting into it; I still have a long way to go to figure out how the individual values affect everything. I hope that by using as much real data as I can to set the values, the physics engine will provide at least semi-realistic handling given the realistic inputs.


    @Markk I see, you'll be busy for a while bro, I spent hours tweaking different cars handling, after the first one you'll get pretty quick

  • @Markk you need to install this mod then if you are adjusting handling of a vehicle.


    no other mod comes close to what this one does. It will allow you to edit the handling in real time while in game. I suggest making edits in increments of 0.1 , 0.15 , or 0.2 while testing out areas to edit in a car handling. I usually only edit between 5-8 sections of the whole handling file.

    InitialDriveForce is for acceleration
    fDriveInertia is for Torque of the car, how fast it revs up. Usually dont need to adjust that value much.
    InitialDriveMaxFlatVel is top speed of car i recommend values around 240-300 depending on the car.

    TractionCurveMax this will help how loose or tight the car takes turns at moderate speeds. Its cornering grip.
    TractionCurveMin this is more of off the line traction and braking traction. I dont recommend going over 2.20 on this one.
    TractionCurveLateral sometimes you can tighten up the grip overall by raising this value. I recommend increasing 1.0 or 2.0 over the current value because you wouldnt notice this one if you do it in small increments.
    CentreOfMassOffset if your car flips over around turns or gets on 2 wheels around a corner try messing with this value.
    y= and z= are the only ones i mess with. First try settings them both at 0.0 and see if that keeps the car on the ground.

    So y="0.000000" z="0.000000" />

    if that doesnt work try y="0.050000" z="-0.100000" />

    fMass value this is the weight of the car. I always increase this by 200-500 and helps the car corner better and act more stable. Another benefit is you can also keep your car from instantly flipping over freeway walls by increasing the weight of your car.

    SteeringLock i usually set this at either 36 38 or 40.

    DriveBiasFront if your car spins out around corners or is super loose try changing the value from 0.0 to 0.2 or 0.25. This will help make rear wheel drive cars back end have more control. if your car flips around a corner this wont help it. I fine tune this option usually after i have adjusted the other values above first.

  • @Willief23 Thanks for all of the information. I do not know why I spent so long testing handling without using a mod like that. Just tried out ikt's mod but it was crashing. If I can't get that sorted out I will try what you linked.

    However, at the moment I will work on writing a simple mod to help me with testing because I cannot find one that does everything I want. Mainly focusing on testing speed and acceleration right now, though I do need to look into how suspension and traction especially affects speed and acceleration.

  • @Markk that mod i linked will allow you to change the whole handling file while inside the game. No other mod can do that.

  • @Markk
    Drive modes should have it all.

  • @ikt Haha the author of Drive Modes recommends your mod and now you are recommending his/hers. I'll give it a shot then.

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