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[ SCRIPT] A gift for my dad ;)

  • Hi everyone. I am a total noob in scripting so I ask here.
    I want a script for GTA V that represents me and my dad's job.

    I am kind of a Bus mechanic so I need a script that simulate it.
    For exemple ( I work only on Bus air cond. ) a blip spawns on the map and when I go there, there is a Bus waiting ( Coach / bus , not only Coach )
    Or it can be a toggleable mission in a specific location ( like a garage ) and various Buses come where the player is, and wait until the bus is repaired :)

    I'm not english sorry, so I wish you can understand what I have in mind :).

    I am totally lost so anything you can make is just perfect to me :)

  • @FPNico I am unsure about what's the request? Anways, so as per my understanding you are expecting a role-playing script where you/player happens to be a Car/Bus/Coach Mechanic? Are you looking for something like this? But instead of CPU operated Mechanic for your car, you become a mechanic for CPU driven cars/drivers/peds?

  • Yeah @ashishcw that's what he means I think

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