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[VEHICLE] BMW E46 330d Touring

  • So sedan is already on progress (Thanks to Faysal), it is time for touring.


    Post Scriptum,, There are multiple models for SA already of this car, actually been playing SA & IV lately and haven't even touched V for a week or so because of it's shitty car mods. There are supercars yet and 10 different versions of some ferrari that has'nt even come to real life markets yet but these normal people cars, old and new, we need more!

  • because of it's shitty car mods

    This won't really help you, even trough i don't really think something different and i'm not hiding it. But, why not start your own mods ? So many tutorials from well know modders. Even if you don't have that much free time, it wont hurt you to make a first try, we're on a forum, people could an can help you, right ?

  • @baba0rum yea I've thought of that and might have a hench of modding but, time will show. You have done many beuatiful BMW's, it doesn't hurt to do this one also :)

  • @Alekseyys What's hurt would hurt me, is doing cars i don't really like.


    the sedan version almoste finnished but still have bugs i hate bugy cars i would rather convert 10 cars than fix one ahah lol

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