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Can't Spawn any of add-on cars after somedays

  • Hello guyzz
    i added some add-on cars to my gta 5.
    and i could use it very clearly...no problems..no errors...no bugs.
    i stored all that cars and some of my fav cars which have been in the game in my garage added buy singleplayergarage...bt after somedays i can't find any cars in it when i entered into the garage.
    but when i removed al the add on cars from the garage by deleting their files from the directory everything become normal.i can get into the garage..all the cars will be there which is already in the game...

    And whenever i tried to spawn the add-on cars with a trainer...it said it can't spawn the model..please check the model..(something like that)
    NB:i did spawn that cars earlier without any problems

    Please help

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