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Materials bullets penetration enigma

  • Hi guys!

    By installing "Raider's Blood, Violence, Melee & Destruction Overhaul" (or Ripplers Realism) the materials penetration is modified. But honestly, I personally think that's too much. Everything seems to be thin as paper.
    So I decided to revert only that and maybe later personalize it as I wish. I thought that I could do the revert by replacing the 'material.dat' from the mod by the original one (situated into update.rpf/common/data/materials). So did I and then be surprised when I figured out that nothing changed in the game.
    By opening both files and comparing them, I saw any differences...

    Any advice? I'm really stuck..

    PS : the 'material.dat' into 'common.rpf' also has the same values.

  • @jkrzd
    Thanks for your reply. But actually if I replace my files by the original ones and reinstall the mods, that will be exactly the same...
    "Raider's Blood, Violence, Melee & Destruction Overhaul" is using an OIV installer (like many weapon mods) and replace many files.

    I'm quite sure that the 'material.dat' is the file to solve my problem. I checked another mods and I found this one : https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/bullets-penetrate-cars (Realistic car bullets). It only replaces the 'material.dat' file.

    If someone could send me the original 'material.dat', I could compare it to mine.

    Maybe when I installed "Raider's Blood, Violence, Melee & Destruction Overhaul", it replaces all my 'material.dat' files. I doubt about that but this is the only explanation I have.

    Hope someone can send it to me!


  • Or maybe the penetration depends of another files in addition to the 'material.dat'

  • http://tinypic.com/r/2ug1mrm/9

    Here is a picture as an example.

    I compared the bulletproof glass with the other glass material + the cars materials.
    For the penetration resistance, the value is high (10000.0) for the bulletproof glass. Then, in the next column (SeeThru/ShootThru/ShootFx/NoDecal), only the SeeThru is 'activated' which is very logical.

    But if I check the CAR_METAL values, the penetration is set to 1.0 and all values for the next column are 0, so not activated. It means that we shouldn't see through (ok), shouldn't shoot through also (but in game, the bullet can go through materials)...

    EDIT : I realized that there is a penetration value into the 'weapons.meta' file. But I still don't fully get it.
    If I take the Pistol's penetration value in my weapon.meta file, I have this one : 0.000001.
    But the CAR_METAL's penetration resistance in "material.dat' is set to 1.0... So normally, the bullet of the pistol shouldn't go through but it does in game.
    To be sure I checked with the assault rifle too. The penetration value is 0.010000. Still inferior to 1.0 (CAR_METAL value) but still go through materials in game.

    I will really appreciate some help or explanation. The one who help will not spend his time for nothing, just saying. I like to reward useful work or support.

    Thank you guys

  • Last post here! I almost talk to myself all along but maybe this could help for noobs like me!

    Actually the answer was simple and under my eyes since the beginning.. I got confused by all 'material.dat' files I got and mixed the values.
    But by checking the original file, the answer appeared. I just had to change the values in the column 'ShootThru' and 'ShootThruFx' by replacing the 0 by 1 when I want the penetration activated. Actually I did that the first time but I don't know why it didn't works. I should do something wrong.

    Now I just have to adjust the 'weapon.meta' if I want more adjustments.

    Topic closed! Thank you @jkrzd for taking the time to help!

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