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  • this is a little fun script.

    we all know YOU are the nicest, friendliest and courteous person in the gta world (you are not @Zippo-Raid :rofl: ). but all those ignorant, evil moron peds still drive you crazy, and...yes….shit happens!

    so if u get in trouble next time you can use this mod

    With this mod u can change your character into a cop, you never get wanted level and other cops are your best friends. you got all weapons a cop have on oneself (<- hope this english word is right, google said so, in german -> die ein cop bei sich trägt) you cant shoot on other cops. if u change to franklin you got the crowbar and the Sawn-off Shotgun and can do whatever you want to do, but be careful, you can get wanted levels again.

    for quick test my mod i added a key where you get immediately 5 stars, wait for the cops and hit x or right cursor and x on your gamepad.
    the stars level can be changed in ini and the keys/buttons too

    so the next time you are in trouble and f**** up by the police, just press x and say the magical words IT WASNT ME to transform to a nice police officer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    hope you enjoy


    watch the video for "the story"

    here you can see some gameplay footage

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