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REPETITION , just stop it.

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    serious now, where is the originality ? why does everyone make the same cars ? do we really need 61 different 99-up mustangs ? when most of them could be accomplished with a skin change ? here's a quick little list I made.
    r8 23
    tahoe 48
    cvpi 37
    dodge challenger 23
    dodge charger (2011- ) 33
    GTR R35 19
    mustang (99-) 61
    mitsubishi evo 17

    c'mon modders, be original. and please, for the love of God, stop making low quality, low res chevy 3500 vans. and we certainly don't need another police version. ( goes for the 80,000 low res/ low quality Mercedes Sprinters
    people releasing identical mods within days of each other is crap too.
    you can tell most people put some time and effort into thier mods, it just shows. then others ? just, no.

    this is in means an insult to anyone. but just be original. stop following the crowd.

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    @V4D3R, how about cleaning this up, instead of shuffling my post around. you, as a mod should be on this like Oprah on a baked ham.

  • @KingsixII Watch your words man.. People just want there own thing. It's the same with games,everybody is trying to make shooters, some are awesome and some are not. Some just want there own thing and so on. Same as here, some mods are just not like people want them or they simply want an own Version of it. And there are no unlimited HQ models and stuff. Same goes for many things. GTA V showcases on YouTube for examples. Many do it, me included, because people just want there own thing. So I don't get whats your problem. In all the time Im here nobody was so mad about multiple cars made. Also if you don't want that just ignore it. Skip the Page or search for the mod you want. Everybody can do what they want and thats good in my opinion. I dont mind if there is a mustang and somebody makes a new, better Version of it, I doubt you wouldnt appreciate it. And also why did you tag @V4D3R? He's not the Admin, hes just one out of 10 or so moderators.

  • Every time I see a thread where somebody complains about something like this, I always wonder "why doesn't this person just make the mod themselves", so what is your reason? Why don't you make mods yourself so you can make mods that you want to see on the website?
    Also, what is the point of this thread? Just like Kwebbl above said, people make what they want to make. You can make 100 of these threads (don't do that, plsthx) and people would still keep making the same vehicles if they wanted to. You making this thread is just a waste of time as it's not going to change anything.
    Also, those CVPIs, Chargers, Tahoes, etc. law enforcement vehicles are not always the same exact vehicle, they almost always have a different lighting setup and different equipment on them.

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    hahaha, nice "everybody can do what they want" except me apparently ? and dude, don't ever tell me what to do. and the reason I tagged the other dude, because within seconds of my post, he moved it. apparently more concerned about where a post is made than the hundreds of absolute shit mods that are posted here. a little to much "micro managing" and not enough looking at the real issue.

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    @Carrythxd haha, nice, you're part of the problem, move out of the way so people can fix it. I have no issue with somebody making a mod they want, but for fucks sake, A make it better than the one that's already been posted, B. be fucking original. it's not that hard. all these modders , begging for donations. I'll donate when you make a mod that's different, or better. and it has nothing to do with what I can or can not do, I have respect for people that do the mods, well some of them. some mods are ill conceived or just plain crap. which begs the question, why are the mods/admins ( happy ? ) allowing this to happen.
    not just car mods either. there are several mods on here that just don't work. period. they have memory leaks, or just plain old don't do what they say they will do. but you're right, I should just shut up and ignore the problem.

  • @KingsixII said in REPETITION , just fucking stop it.:

    this is in means an insult to anyone. but just be original. stop following the crowd.

    This is not the way to approach your concerns about the modding community, it is offensive and unprofessional.

    As @Kwebbl mentioned, everyone has their preferences and everyone has the right to produce their own despite having a variety of similar mods, this is after all like a GTA V mods "supermarket".

    Your right is to make a request, and if you have requests, there is a requests section of this forum where modders are more often than not giving away free work that then put time and effort into. If you want to request for a detailed mod, you are welcome to donate a 3D model or contribute to the work or software licensing.

    If you continue on this rant, you stand the chance of being banned.

  • @KingsixII

    please watch your language , people from every age group and part of the world are here. Keep the language acceptible. Thank you

    As for non functional mods, you can use report function and we will check if it is non functional we shall take it down , which we do every day by the way, you just don't know that.

    As for repetitions, everyone can make anything , no one can force other to make or not make a mod. Only stolen mods are a problem whuch get taken down when reported.

    Repititions are a mod author's personel choice.

    I don't see you gaining anything from this topic.
    Besides negative raputation ofcourse.

    Calling moderators or admin part of problem brings alot of attention to you. And heat also, i'd be careful about what i post from now on, if i were you that is.

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    be careful ? are you threatening me like an e-tough guy ? not trying to "force" anyone to do anything. rather, it'd be the admins JOB to keep this site clean of clutter and mindless repetition. encourage originality, or by all means, continue attacking me for bringing up a valid point. it's on the mods/admin to resolve this, I don't blame the modders one bit .

  • @KingsixII even if you blame them (crestors , admin or moderators) , there is no point. We have guidelines we follow . and when we recieve a report we act.

    Be-careful is not a threat in any part of the world , its a warning or an advise from a person who is authority and might know stuff that you don't . like a traffic sign by traffic police or beware of dogs sign by owner of a property :P take my advise chill a bit. Will be good for you.

    If you see a freakish or poor quality mod, just scroll down ignore it, just like i do, but if you see offensive or negative stuff. Feel free to report it , we shall have a look and take it down if applicable.

  • @KingsixII We obviously have a different perspective than yours. We want everyone to get a chance to make their own mods, whether it's been made already or not.

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    @FoxtrotDelta, language ? seriously ? do you even know what game this is ? we're all playing a game that encourages killing hookers, but you're worried about me using "naughty" words.. oh the irony. but plz.. keep letting people put up mods that take up more space for one single car than an entire DLC pack from R*. that'll help keep the game running smooth.
    @Jitnaught, I never said individuals shouldn't make there own mods, I do all the time.. I just don't post them up because they suck. there are a lot of people on here that could benefit from that way of thinking.

  • @KingsixII

    we have guidelines set up for the community forums you can go play gta 5 and curse all you want or Rockstar servers, this is our domain and we follow guidelines here. Anything out of those guidelines gets locked , removed or banned, we have simple and easy instructions. And we follow them without a second thought

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    hahaha, so, blindly following the crowd is now the norm ? no wonder europe is a mess. whatever dude. how about we talk about the issue at hand, and that would be moderators not moderating. or are you going to keep chastising me for "language" and speaking my mind ? now that I think of it, there was another famous european, from austria I think ? he believed individual thought was a bad idea too. the mentality you're promoting is historically a bad idea. just sayin'

  • @KingsixII i love and respect european people, but if you are talking to me, i have got to say im not from europe.

    I would love to chit chat . but i have other important matters to attend to. Just be careful about what you post in following few days. You have alot of heat and eyes on u. This is not a threat . a friendly advice. Have a good time.

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    well, I have none. considering my dad and his whole generation had to bail europe out of a mess one time. it was in the papers. WWII I think ? idk. but the "heat and eyes comment" has me in fear of saying anything further. you've struck terror into my heart sir .. LOL

  • @KingsixII im gald it worked . thanks . like i said chill amout enjoy quality mods. Share positive constructive ideas.

    I Respect your dad and his service . again im no european.

  • Please delete this BS thread and the user LMAO

  • This is an open community of modders, and all modders are free to post mods as they wish, to show off their work. If you don't appreciate it you're free to rate it how you see fit, or even make forum posts. Attacking moderators and calling them 'tough guys' is just begging for attention. The whole fact you have taken the time to creating a thread like this with the clear of objective of just taking a stab at the moderators is honestly pathetic in my opinion. You don't seem capable of understanding that this is an open community and you come across as very dis-respectful. Not to insult you but the way your acting I wouldn't assume you to be over the age of 13.

    As Foxtrot said.
    this is our domain and we follow guidelines here. Anything out of those guidelines gets locked , removed or banned, we have simple and easy instructions. And we follow them without a second thought


    I think there's enough discussion. My conclusion is:

    Everyone that respects the site rules, can upload their files and no one should create new topics like this one just to complain about them for being already on the site but made by anyone else (not talking about stolen mods).

    The simple way to avoid this is ignoring the mods you don't want to see. Simple.

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