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How do I prepare for the next GTA5 update?

  • Alright, so i'm permanently banned from GTAO, but I still play GTA5 offline almost every day. I was told that the update can still mess up your mods if you don't back things up, or revert? It's my first time doing some sort of back-up before a title update, so I need some help on what to backup, revert before/after the update. Here are some important things I have:

    • Mods folder for OpenIV (separate from the GTA5/update folder) (the mod folder contains add-on cars, handling mods, spawn mods, etc.)

    • ScripthookV AND Scripthook.NET (I was told SHV might break due to the update)

    • Menyoo (which contains save files for maps / loadouts in the GTA5/scripts folder)

    So, what do I need to do? Should I like, backup the update folder right now? Then replace it right after GTA5 is updated? I'm not so sure, if someone can help me, that would be great.

  • what i would save is the dlclist and the extratitleupdate file. that contains all the info for your addon cars. also, the scripts should all work once they update scripthook. As long as you have a mods folder you should be all set.

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