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Very special Topic! please help!

  • Hello guys! Please dont stop reading after you hear " gta online with mods " just read it please until the end of the story, dont be a stonehead.

    my problem is: i played now about 2 YEARS (!!!!!!!!) gta online with car mods for example BMW E38, Audi A8 and something like this without getting banned or warned from R* and now the problem is when i try to join in GTA online with car mods the game says "you cant reach r* server with modified data", i did NOT changed .meta files (vehicle, handling etc...)

    I really love playing gta online friendly without killing other people and destroy other player cars etc.. im very friendly... but im a petrolhead... if you know what i mean the R* cars are boring and very ugly.

    I know the risk, but it´s my risk... so please if you know any solution for this problem or tips please say it to me.


    @Senaijd47 When the message says "You can't reach Rockstar server with modified data", the DATA word means every game file, not just files containing information about the cars like the ".meta" ones.

    And, GTA:Online modding discussion is against our Community Guidelines, that's because I locked this topic, sorry.

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