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  • BTW @rappo if you see this check my police lights I deleted the lights by Lundy and solo that I didn't have perms for, and added in a few more slicktop lights. Please don't let it expire, accept it quick Thx in advance
    So lets get into my suggestions:

    1. So it would be nice if we could choose which version (update) of a mod to download, as on LCPDFR.com. Let's say when you click on "download," it brings you to a download page, where it has a few columns with different versions of the files, stating what type of file it is (rar, zip, oiv,) the file size (ex. 26 MB) and version number (ex 2.1.3)
      Sorta Like This:alt text
    2. See the size of a file (latest version) of a file on the download button.
      alt text

  • yer i think that it should have a file size so people can see how big it is

  • File size is something I plan to do soon. The versioning is a little tougher and I can't promise that soon, sorry.

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