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How to make a Ped attack a Player in C#

  • Hello,
    So im very new to C# scripting, but you need to start somewhere.

    My Code so far

    if (item == Test)
    Ped player = Game.Player.Character;
    Model Test = new Model(PedHash.Golfer01AMM);
    World.CreatePed(Test, Game.Player.Character.Position + (Player.ForwardVector * 5));
    Function.Call(Hash.TASK_STEALTH_KILL, Test, Player, AR_stealth_kill_a, true);

    Btw i am using NativeUI.
    If someone could tell me how to give a ped a Golf Club or something it would be nice, because every time i tried to do it, the ped did not get anything or the game crashed.
    And whats with the KillType (AR_stealth_kill_a), it gives me an error.

    I know i am a very bad in C# scripting and if a did something very dumb, it would be nice if you could say it.
    Thank you for reading,

    • Kolopsel

  • BTW yes i do know this is 2 years ago but i am attempting to up my c# skills.

    var Pedestrian = World.CreateRandomPed(Game.Player.WantedCenterPosition);
    bool equipNow = true;
    bool isAmmoLoaded = true;
    Pedestrian.Weapons.Give(WeaponHash.GolfClub , 1, equipNow, isAmmoLoaded);

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