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Traffic Signs change - Who can help me?

  • Hello!
    Actually i still work on a Update for my German Traffic Signs Mod

    I want to change all "Original" Overhead Signs to "German Autobahn" Signs

    The Differents between the "Original Signs" and the "German Signs":

    • Color must be changed from "Green" to "Blue"

    • Fonts must be changed to Type "DIN 1451"

    • "Interstate" Icons must be changed to "Autobahn" Icons

    • The Arrows in Europe usually are "longer" and they "point upwards", not "downwards"

    • The Position of the Fonts is almost "different"


    For the following things I have still no Solution and I hope that anybody can help.. :

    • Where are the whole Locations of the LODs?
      Apparently, all the LODS are distributed in very many File Locations from the Areas of GTA5. For Example i found lods in Places like "\x64i.rpf\levels\gta5_citye\downtown_01\downtown.rpf" or "\x64i.rpf\levels\gta5_citye\downtown_01\dt1_lod.rpf"

    • How can i define the Position of the Fonts or Words?

    • Is it possible to make the Arrows longer so that they are more like the German Arrows? - If yes how?

    • How can i "translate" the Signs to german Language?
      For Example instead of "EXIT" ---> "Ausfahrt"

    The Autors "TheBritishMighty" and "Razor792, Albo1125" are currently working on British Versions of "Blue Highway Signs". Unfortunately, not all Signs work because nobody knows where the LODs and other required Textures.
    Thanks to them for Most of what I know so far!

    Furthermore, it is very important that only the Signs which are located directly on the Motorway because in Germany all Signs outside the Motorways are yellow!

    I'm very gratefull for every Reply or Answer to my Questions and also for any Tipp which can help me with this Mod!

    In diesem Sinne, Regenrinne! (German Proverb:D) ...and sorry for Google Translator!

  • Current Status alt text

    Yesterday i decided to buy a zmoddeler Licence because i really want to change the Sign Text.

    Now i have zmoddeler but no Plan how i can use this Prog. My English is not very good and tutorials in german Language are very rare.

    Can anybody give me some Tipps about ways to learn this. ( Links to tutorials or guidian or each other Tipps)

    Every Time i see that you make fantastic Things with 3D modeling!
    I would also like to reach a lot of the "knowhow" which you have..
    Do you have some Tipps for me. How did you learned it?

  • @Vlad said in Traffic Signs change - Who can help me?:

    To find any model or texture in 2017 it's pretty easy. Not like in 2015 when GTA V was released and when I started.
    The thing you want to do not really easy as you think. Even to make a German font it's will be pain in the ass.
    The strange thing for me it's what you want to know actually, if you know where all freeway files is located and you already have a ZModeler3. If be more honestly, i don't think that you will be able to replace all this signs, because you need to have some skills before you started with 3d models.
    As i replied to someone in comments section (didn't remember, maybe that's was you), to start all this things, try to import the sign file in ZModeler and see what's happens. There's not tutorials. You have to learn it's all youself.

    Yeah i think you're right! I must learn it by myself. I'm usually too impatient with such things, i always want to be able to do everything right away but this usually does not work then. I'll take my time and go slow, but accurate. Thank You!

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