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GTAV Update?! Does it break moddings or scripthookv?

  • Okay against all my desires, my stupid work computer (where I have the game installed) rebooted overnight and it 'looks' like my GTAV game was updated. I have the GTAV5.exe file (and the GTAVLauncher.exe file with today's date on it. I haven't loaded the game yet as I'm at work...

    Does anyone know if the new update broke ScripthookV? Its really quiet on the forums and usually there's dozens of people commenting on it and well, not see one message about it today.


  • @vendetta1969 It always "breaks" after an update. Just wait 2-3+ days for an update.

  • @Kwebbl I know. I'm used to that.

    I think what confused me was the lack of posts from people either saying they're mods are broken or people saying they like/hate the new update. It's unusually quiet.


  • @vendetta1969 Yeah, It's really quiet for the time it got updated. But it will always break so..

    But It's a good thing there are not so many people who Spam those threads why it doesn't work.

  • true, that is true...even though I've only been playing since (I think April?) even I get weary of the newbies asking the same question & getting whiny...but then again I'm not a young guy and can be a crabass at times. :)

  • @vendetta1969 It is "quiet" because the admins locked comments. You only need to overwrite gta5.exe, launcher.exe, update folder, and the installers folder with your back ups to restore to your previous version.

  • Just a quick small tutorial on how to revert back if you don't have back-ups. I have the non-steam version that I bought from RockStrar Warehouse (the one with the GTA Launcher). It took me 4 hours to figure out so in hopes of helping someone out, here is what I did.

    Downloaded the 1.0.1032.1 for GTA 5 Online from https://techfaqs.net/games/patches-for-gta-5-online/

    Then run the GTA_V_Launcher_1_0_1011_1.exe in the zip file
    Then replaced GTA5.exe on the main GTA5 folder with the one in the zip
    Then replaced the Update>update.rdf with the one in the zip.
    Then run the launcher once and pressed cancel while it's trying to update (Just to make Rockstar Social Club offline settings are saved).
    Then added inbound and outbound block rules on windows firewall for gta5, gta5 launcher and playgta5.

    Now when I run the launcher, I get to choose offline mode, use the offline rockstar social club profile and start the game which goes into Story mode automatically.

  • @Dubhorizoned when i run the launcher.exe it says "Sorry, Grand Theft Auto V isnt installed on this system.." is there a specific place to open the file or something?

  • @edoherty873 You could try extracting it from the zip and running it. Maybe make sure your GTA is on the default folder too. No idea really.

  • I only got GTA5 on PC a few weeks ago with the intention to only play singleplayer with mods so I'm a noob to all this. So we just need to wait for a new version of ScriptHookV to come out. Is it as simple as just deleting the old ScriptHookV and the .dll file and copying in the new ones? Then all my mods will still work, or do I need to install anything else again? Oh and so that this doesn't happen in the future can I just disable auto updates on Steam and keep playing just singleplayer, or singleplayer won't load at all if I don't update?

    thanks and sorry for asking such noob questions!

  • So does the version changed? As long as the version is same, does mods work?


    @EDGeNA It's a major update so ScriptHookV doesn't work anymore until it's updated.

  • @Unknown-Modder Ok Thanks.

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