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How can i influence which Livery appears on which place?

  • Hello Guys,
    sometime ago i released my "German Autovermietungen Mod" (https://de.gta5-mods.com/misc/autovermietungen-hertz-europcar)

    In this Mod included are 2 Paintjobs for the "rentalbus"
    alt text

    At the moment it is so, that on both parking spots are parking Rental Busses from both Car Rentals.

    My Question: Is there any Way to influence, that the vehicle which are parking on the "Hertz" (Eslacera) parking spot only spawns with the "Hertz" Paintjob (rentalbus_sign1) and vice versa on the "Europcar" (Enterprise) parking Spot.

    Hope somebody can Help me! ;)

    Sorry for terrible "google translation"^^

    Peace! TheRemy


    @TheRemy I think the way the game spawns these specific models in that specific place is controlled inside the ymap?

    I really haven't looked into it but it's basically the same question as was asked by ppl on how to spawn various tanks or planes around Fort Zancudo

  • @ReNNie Oh yes my Tankercars too. My Shell Gas Station gets the Gasoline from Esso. In real Life that were be a scandal^^

    You mean the ymap of the Location, right? Thanks for the Tipp, i will search for it.

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