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change top speed for add on cars

  • anyone here knows how to change the top speed for add on cars ???

  • There's two optons. First, you could download a modified handling line for that specific car (there's plenty of those on this website). Under its respective DLC pack it should be listed as common\data in Open IV

    Second, you could manually playing around with the data yourself. However, I should warn you this is no easy task. You could always up the fDriveInertia but, the car itself may hesitate

    I found a website that explains it pretty well for beginners: https://www.gtamodding.com/wiki/Handling.meta

    Finally, keep in mind (if you use this trainer on any version of the game) the latest release of Menyoo [v0.99987674b] breaks cars, trucks, and trailer's top speeds\acceleration when in the menu you click on Menyoo Customs.
    This problem should be updated soon hopefully in the next two weeks but, until then and scripthook gets updated, keep this in mind and be wary of using menyoo to modify cars

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