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[SCRIPT] Franklin Girlfriend Mod

  • A mod where the girlfriend just walks aroung franklins house and do things in the house and give him some hotcoffee when he ask. lol


    @CORNDOG316 try to get inside the house and spawn a female model bodyguard she can give you that lol

  • Yeah this would be a good mod for sure

  • @CORNDOG316 Yes could be a nice add, even gta SAN ANDREAS got this ...

  • Isn't it great that Rockstar had no involvement in the HC mod like they did in SA... If you know what I mean...

  • @CORNDOG316 Yeah It could be a nice addition to have a girlfriend system like in gta iv and when the reach the 100% of her little heart, she lives in your house and do some housework :D a bit like the old scarface game if you remember.
    alt text
    because in gta V You have Money, Power but where the f* are Women lol
    alt text

  • @cgz This game was really good for its time ;P

  • @Shaezbreizh Yeah I loved this game , scarface is one of my favourite movie, i downloaded it a few month ago to go back in the days, but even with a enb it's not good at all lol it was better in my memories, when technology was not so advanced.
    Anyways It can be nice to have this mod in GTA if someone can script this thing :)

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