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[VEHICLE] Isuzu Rodeo, Opel Frontera, Pontiac Aztek

  • So for the longest time I have wanted to see at least 2 of these vehicles into the game just FYI the Isuzu rodeo and Opel frontera are the same vehicle I have seen 3D models of the Opel frontera on google idk if you can convert that or not I'm not sure how it works but I've never seen any of the rodeo and I've checked, however I know the Pontiac aztek is in forza (6 I beleive) and I know that can be converted anyone willing to meet my requests would be much apreciated, thank you.

  • @H2nter you can't convert from forza 6. However I believe I have seen free 3d models of both these vehicles so it is possible they could end up ingame at some point

  • ok thanks for the info i appreciate it i have no idea how modding works so i wouldnt know i would absolutely love it if someone could put them in game i am absoletely cray about rodeos and i just think azteks would be a hilarious in game vehicle

  • @H2nter no problem, i do personally want a frontera, (vauxhall badged tho, long wheel base version) in the game so if it doesn't get done i may end up eventually doing it myself

  • thats awesome out of curiosity would you want the 1st generation or 2nd generation (personaly i would want the 2nd generation out i would be happy with either one

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