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Last Downloaded Option? / Help with game crash

  • I think a last downloaded option would really be good for the site. I come on and download a whole bunch of mods and install and then forget which ones I installed. It would be extremely helpful in removing mods that cause issues. I am having trouble with the game crashing on the 3rd loading screen and it takes about 10 times of restarting before the game will load fully. I removed the 2 latest and most invasive mods that I can remember installing before it started but it still happens. I know its not a lot to go on but could someone try to help? I'm getting kinda fed up..

  • @westcoastsosa You should NEVER have these problems period. For every mod I install, or even edits to editable files, I make a backup of the folder these mods or edits will go to. If anything goes wrong, I simply overwrite said folder with backup. When I am making edits to gameconfig or popcycle, etc, I make a copy first BEFORE committing the edits, in case the game starts acting up.

  • @eshenk That's a good idea. I'm just lazy sometimes but this pissed me off enough to start doing that

  • @westcoastsosa Every day I make edits to popcycle and sometimes gameconfig - been trying to get traffic densities working as they should in real-life. One day I made multiple edits between both files, and got a game memory error within a couple minutes of in-game time. I have now disciplined myself to make edits one at a time, and then test a region to verify if things are behaving as I am intending. It's a slow process, but necessary unfortunately.

  • @eshenk you have more patience than I do haha

  • @westcoastsosa i do almost the same thing as eshenk especially for gameconfigs everytime i edit the gameconfig i rename it say gameconfigv2 or gameconfigv3. All the mods that I have put into the game i leave in a folder called gtamods so that way if my game starts messing up i can narrow it down to which one caused it by taking 1 mod out at a time till i found the unstable mod.

  • @Willief23 yea I mean I always have the intention of being organized and stuff like that but then I don't. I got rid of every mod that caused crashing a few weeks ago and the joy of playing without crashes was great then this :/

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