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Disable ad-block feature so that more ads revenue

  • @administrators hey guys... i was just wondering if it's possible to have an ad-block disable feature so that the ads revenue can flow more and go to site maintenance/expansion (if new gta arrives) Thanks guys XD (disabled ad-block for you guys haha)


    I had it enabled by default but then I found out these ads are not intrusive at all (for now), so I disabled it. Thanks for reminding me ;)

  • @Chiz_wiz I can't really disable ad blockers, that's their whole purpose :laughing: I could add a little informational box in the place of advertisement saying please support the site by disabling ad blockers. But at the end of the day, people will do whatever they want! Thanks for bringing attention to it and I hope a few people are inspired to disable their ad blockers because of it :slight_smile:

  • @rappo Other sites have adblock detector (https://github.com/sitexw/FuckAdBlock). But if it's not really possible then let's just put like a small window when you enter the site... Welcome to GTA5mods kindly disable your adblock to support site development/future expansion. thank you. (or some other note) or we can like put a dedicated ads page on the site too so that people who know how the internet really works can help this site.. :)

    I really want to help this site because I used to go to http://www.gta4-mods.com/ but I was just a lurker there and the website was kinda dull (I have nothing against them XD) but when i moved here... The website was nice and made me want to join and be active. well thanks andd I'll be suggesting more if I have any more ideas :) MORE POWER!

  • @Chiz_wiz look what you are speaking about gta4-mods.com because rappo himself created that too :laughing:

  • Have to say, Rappo is spot on with his take on the matter.

    I can be sympathetic with those who feel they need to have ad-blocking inhibited/ ferked up by workarounds to protect their revenue stream - but actively anti-blocker workarounds end up using more resources than they probably recover costs of by freeing up the route, they generate a sh*t load of bad feeling on a good day (they are almost as bad a full-screen pop-unders and pop-ups that explode into a parasitic pop-up spawn frenzy of 'ad overkill').

    And let's not forget, there's two distinct reasons people use AB's for, either or both, that being to control data interchange (for idiot-level privacy protection and similar reasoning) and as an extra or main anti-popup device, since most AB soft actually does the job better than most pop-up inhibitors built into browsers and most 'pop up killer' dedicated apps/extensions. The fact it may or may not have a subsequent revenue impact on the serving site wasn't usually part of the logic in using an AB.

    So Rappo's view, which is very much in line with that of the sane and rational 'head screwed on' enthusiast project site ops elsewhere, to quietly and simply make a simple appeal to users to maybe consider whitelisting the site on AB extensions, is far more likely to win. It's that thing about honey and vinger and flies principle.

    As a tangent on site revenue streams (in general), or maybe directly relevent (you decide) ...

    I'm a fan of the principle of 'if it's a personally motivated effort and hobby, interest driven, then it's your cost to bear' school of thought. That's the one where you have no illusions and have zero expectations of those you allow access to your site/content feel the need to be part of a special group/privileged inner circle to use - where that comes a a price to be part of that. If anything, it's a case of if you can't stand the heat (aka the financial burden), then quit rather than make it someone else's problem.

    People will accept non-ntrusive in-line ads, relevant stuff, as a half-way house to free access for the most part, as long as it's not simply being a revenue stream funding the operator's hobby.

    And i believe the essence of who Rappo has been running this, his motivation, shows by the lack of begging for funds and his response to the whole ad-blocking subject.

    Oh, and if it's not entirely obvious, it's commending Rappo as one of the more enlightened enthusiast site ops out there.

  • @Rugz007 WOAH HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAAHAHHA!!!!! Well actually that's even great to hear because you could see how much rappo improved and simplified the site..... and i'm not dissing gta4-mods cuz i also was a fan of that too but I was just a lurker then... XD thanks for the info bro :)

  • @Chiz_wiz Hey I made that seven years ago :laughing: Times have changed for the better hehe

    @9h457l33j03k3rr Thanks for the kind words. I won't pretend to be a GTA saint, though - I wouldn't be doing this if the advertisements didn't generate revenue since I dedicate a lot of time to the site. If I weren't making enough to cover my costs through the advertisements maybe then I'd explore these anti-blocking options or ask for donations, but for now there's no need. I also appreciate the use of ad-blockers for privacy concerns, and I often use them myself for this reason.

  • @9h457l33j03k3rr well said bro.... well said....

  • @rappo Well, like i said effectively, you've got your head screwed on over what it's really all about (running and maintaining and reasons it exists) with this site, and yeah - being able to cover the costs isn't a bad thing, but there's a lot of instances out there where the opportunity to profiteer out of a hobby, but in a way where the financial support justifications are on the lines of 'i gave a lot up to do this, you owe me' (actually there's a good few Chrome/Firefox extensions where authors are guilt of that perception) - and that's not good. You, and your take/approach which is working on some level, doesn't fall within a parallel dimension of being associated with opportunistic profiteering.

  • I must confess, I use uBlock on pretty much all sites... but even if I turned uBlock off, most ad distribution networks wouldn't get past my HOSTS file anyway. It actually is off for the mods part of this site but on in the forums to quash the signatures... but no ads appear on the mods part of the site because of my HOSTS file.

    In cases like this site though, I am able to contribute by creating mods and hopefully driving traffic. My current mod has been on the go for about a month now and most days that's a 6+ hour development and testing session. So I know my time has no monetary value as such but it's something I can give back to the site.

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