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ELS isssue

  • Hi there folks,

    We're working on our first car mod and we're stuck with two ELS problems. Maybe one of you could help me out?

    To clear it up, my extra's are as follows:

    extra_1 - Left grille led & right primary light in bar - blue
    extra_3 - Boot LED - blue
    extra_4 - Right grille led & left primary light in bar - blue
    extra_5 - Orange warning lights in lightbar
    extra_6 - Boot LED - amber
    extra_7 - Textboard - red
    extra_9 - Textboard - red
    extra_11 - "Takedowns" - green
    extra_12 - White surrounding light

    The issue is with the warning lights:

    • If I activate the warning lights using "L", the preset pattern is not being used and it's set to 0
    • When activating Code 999 with "J", my warning lights go on as well (just want blue, not orange at code 999)
    • My warninglights have no reflection on the street

    This is my .XML:

    (is there any way to include code in this forums without spamming the topic with a huge amount of text?)


    Hope you guys can help me out, I've been changing settings eversince yesterday morning and I can't seem to figure it out.

    Thanks in advance!

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