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The end of OpenIV

  • A mod pending approval. Should this be approved? What do you think? :slight_smile:
    alt text

  • @V4D3R I approve this.

  • @TheSigui I know you would. :smiley:

  • @V4D3R But this needs more colors. This is a message you want to see from very far...

    ...especially from the Take Two CEO office chair

  • This blows. Fuck em

    Worst is they are taking the Liberty City import plan with it.

    If Rockstar made single player dlc it could have all been different

    Embrace your fucking mod community!!

  • It was fun yo!
    Good memories will forever last, I'll never forgive take two as long as I shall game.
    In the name of the GTA modding community, they can go fuck their money hungry selves with a thorny stick.

  • I am a bit more optimistic than most of the comments I am reading here. Modding isn't jeopardized just because there will be no further development of a tool that we all still have access to. As long as modders can access openIV or continue to code, with the current version of scripthookv and dotnet still being compatible with previous R* versions, then not much will change. The exception though, is for people who foolishly allowed the last R* update, and have no backups to overwrite the newly updated assets, LOL.

  • Now that OpenIV is 'dead', how do you guys see the further development of Scripthook? I can play my game without it, but I cannot spawn my add-on vehicles as they require a trainer to spawn them. Are there spawners without needing scripthook? Cheers.

  • @eshenk can you link me to a tutorial on how to update the game without ... updating the game? I don't understand. And will we have access to the new dlc if we don't update the game?

  • @Jonathan6506 I'm sure Take2 will sue him for making this mod. :rolling_eyes:

  • @Osnakin Doubt it

  • Any news on scripthook?

  • @GamingKatz44 Stay tuned here

  • 0_1497541911748_IMG_20170614_173443.jpg

    Destroyed my PS3 copy, uninstalled my game on PC and sold my account, yeah I completely broke ties with GTA now.

  • @Dauge That's a bit extreme, you kind of wasted a lot of money. Whatever, its your money.


    @AHK1221 said in The end of OpenIV:

    @Dauge That's a bit extreme, you kind of wasted a lot of money. Whatever, its your money.

    A more effective way to express one's anger over this, IMHO, is to simply boycott Take2 from here on in, and no longer buy their games.

  • @AHK1221 I bought it 3 years ago for $20

  • @jkrzd If R* and T2 releases a mod development kit like other games companies, I gladly pay for it to support. Modding is the future of any videogame, companies like Valve and Bethesda understand that without problems, not this agressive anti-modding campaign that only reduces drastically the life of any videogame.

  • What a shitty day...but its good we can still use the latest OpenIV so far...but anyone knows about new update for ScriptHook and Simple Native Trainer for gunners update...?

  • I don't wanna repeat all the things that have been said about Take Two, and how stupid and self-destructive this whole "business move", since that's all been said so many times. Instead, I'm going to write something positive. I am completely overwhelmed of the modding community and how everyone is sticking together right now. I mean, the petition now almost has 8.000 supporters. A couple of months earlier, I thought the GTA modding scene was as good as dead, but this proves that we aren't just a small bunch of people who have no impact to Grand Theft Auto at all. I'm amazed and in deep awe of all the support that I could witness in the last hours, for the modding scene and OpenIV, of course.

  • @V4D3R yyaaaaaassssss LMFAO

  • @V4D3R said in The end of OpenIV:

    A mod pending approval. Should this be approved? What do you think? :slight_smile:
    alt text

    xD best mod ever
    I think that thousand of people using mod approuve it, saddly TakeTwo will probably not like at all a such mod and could close this website ;S

    That dude don't want to make SP complete and better, or to give us an official modding tool, and now wanna fuck the thousand of people that work for free to make their game better and bring a lot of people to play this game just cause of mod.
    Don't expect them to get a smart reaction to a such mod ;(

  • @jkrzd It's not approved. Diplomacy will be maintained.


    @V4D3R said in The end of OpenIV:

    A mod pending approval. Should this be approved? What do you think?

    No, it shouldn't be approved. That's someone getting off; if you want to get through, then write letters, send petitions, etc. Bottomline: don't invite Take2 to a 'Take Two' on the 'Cease & Desist' debacle, and cause this entire site to be shut down as a result (the latter may still happen, but please let's not actively call the apocalypse over us)

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