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The end of OpenIV

  • I just want share this here, maybe someone dont know this yet. Since he said "Please repost this and spread it around. Maybe it will streighten this out." posted by @nkjellman

  • @GPlay90 More than that said there, the biggest reason for T2 to attack the OpenIV team is one: New metadata edition features added in the latest updates. That allows to hackers know wich params intercept and modify in online cheating disrupts. OpenIV was safe as long as it did not publish those features, but who would to know this result?

  • @askavian Sorry, I meant to edit my comment to say TakeTwo/Rockstar instead of lawyers after I posted that but forgot lol. So yeah, you are right in what you say about it coming form higher up in the chain of command :)

  • @GPlay90 If true, that makes a lot more sense than them getting rid of OpenIV just because of single player modding.

  • Bloody hell (lol) This has become huge - even the Queen of England has commented on GTA-forums ;)


  • @ikt said in The end of OpenIV:


    Since you all seem to have pretty damn good knowledge of reversing and stuff, what are the chances of getting back with script modding if Alexander Blade ends up not being able to update ScriptHookV?

    RagePluginHook seems to have updated their native hashes already for 1103, how/what do they do to do this?

    Pretty confident I have all the native hashes updated now. But releasing an alternative to SHV probably wont sit well with take2. So if it were to happen open sourcing it could work

  • 41K in 4 day isn't bad ;D

  • @ikt @drp4lyf Each developer interested in Rage engine research has decompilling tools (third party or developed by themselves) and make possible SHV update with each new game update. Probably is a fail not offer in open-source those researchs and tools (native trackers, decompilers, assemblers, etc), but the limitation is the illegality of that. Direct game code release is piracy and reverse engineering not authorized, sure T2 would be more aggressive to deal with that.

    P.S. : AB accept developers interested in the progress of SHV, is just send to him a PM in gta forum and he can offer access to the development.

  • Well, now we know Script Hook V will be updated, that's a relief.

  • @V4D3R Who said that?

  • @krissboo said in The end of OpenIV:

    Bloody hell (lol) This has become huge - even the Queen of England has commented on GTA-forums ;)


    LOL! Apparently, she's from Poland too! XD

  • Banned

    @ikt omg, you sound like politician pumping up fake numbers. divide it any way you'd like. modders represent a tiny percentage. they simply don't care. it doesn't change the fact that this sucks , but it is what it is.

  • @V4D3R said in The end of OpenIV:

    Well, now we know Script Hook V will be updated, that's a relief.

    How do you know this please do share :)

  • @eshenk said in The end of OpenIV:

    @FoxtrotDelta Good-NTS already confirmed in the forums that Blade is indeed updating scripthookv

    Thank you eshnenk thats a half relief can you provide a link ?? I cant find any proof of it.



    Please pardon me if I am incorrect but I do not believe that anyone has provided a link of evidence to that claim yet...

    It is just a rumor until we have a link to evidence.

  • @DarthPungz i'll look for it myself. You are right



    I read that claim and I was of course elated. But when I dug in to see a link I just saw people claiming that there was a link but they couldn't provide it.

  • @DarthPungz

    Exactly, I have been telling these people that they're spreading false rumours.

    Good NTS doesn't say anything regarding ScriptHook. You can check his post history http://gtaforums.com/user/297014-good-nts/

    Alexander Blade doesn't say things either, so everything is just a rumour.

  • @Richie01 Haha, yeah I saw that too. I thought she was German ;)

  • @FoxtrotDelta Hmm, now that I think about it, the source might not be so legitimate. I got excited too soon. I apologize.

  • @V4D3R can u show that source ?


    Thanks for the info.

    Steam sales are pretty significant, as are using those numbers to compare modders with, since the PC platform is what this discussion is about ;)


    As long as we're spreading rumours and alternative facts, I'd like to contribute by saying I have awesome ears :smirk_cat:

  • @ReNNie I just clocked where your avatar is from - Ren and Stimpy!! I used to love that show and all I can currently think of right now is Powdered toast man.

  • Rockstar and Take-Two are upset because players ain't buying Shark Cards, well at least back in the day there were players that buyed them, after this (OIV Shut Down) no one is buying nothing from Rockstar. Goddamn, The queen was so right...

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