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The end of OpenIV

  • You know what. I think we do all need to chill and maybe wait until official word that this is actually legit. I mean we are all presuming this is caused by Take Two, but maybe it will turn out to be some script kiddie fooling around, or maybe it is connected with the liberty city map....we only know one side of the story so far. I'm off to bed but I expect this will have sorted itself out or we will know more when I wake up.

    It's good to see the community fighting this together though :)

  • What's your oppinion on the whole thing, though? Like is this just a one-time thing, or are they gonna start taking out scripthook and shit.

    (assuming it's a real C&D which is............... improbable, since they won't benefit at all from it)

    @sollaholla I can't predict the future. Considering this hasn't even been verified by Take Two yet, I'm not freaking out. Same thing I said stands for RPH and SHV though. If Take Two shuts them down, we'll just stay on the current GTA patch forever. I'm not going to just stop making mods, nor are most other people who've put hundreds or even thousands of hours into this. It might get a bit more difficult, especially for people who are new and don't already have all the files. But we'll find a way forward.

  • @krissboo I doubt we'll get an official statement tbh

  • @SkylineGTRFreak probably not, but as always who knows. I suppose the best fix for now is play in offline mode and stop gta and openiv from connecting.

  • Temp disabling update wizard (not firewall):


  • Banned

    @pawnerz how the hell ppl find these tricks?

    181 - updates
    182 - updates disabled
    183 - fatal error

    How the hell they know 182 works, is beyond me

  • @Zippo-Raid I would but I have no idea how to

  • Why cant we just upload the openiv installer and have something that disables the update promp ://

  • @Akram Is just the Open Formats current version, so previous version like 181 is checked online like obsolete and automatically calls the update 182, but if is changed to 183 value, the program check too the actual version inside OpenIV files and will to be noticed is 181, so if is not a sequence number accord to the installed version 181, drops Fatal error.

  • @SkylineGTRFreak It's what? 2:00 AM in Germany? Aren't you up past your bedtime? XD

  • @pawnerz thank you, that definitely help. I blocked openiv through firewall too.

  • I can't get the game to load anymore cuz of the update that automatically pushed and Scripthook is not updated. What can I do?!


    @iamsikora at the moment not much... play another game, watch tv, read a book, revert your files if you have made back ups and possess the know how.


    They can't stop Gta modding, where there's a will there's a way, some new modding tool will pop up. R⭐ have gotten so greedy over the years,

  • @Biggdogg that's the spirit and is true.



    I think that it is an evolution of the gaming industry... they want to stretch the lifespan of the games that they release because making new games from the ground up is expensive... so they go to online and dlc stuff... I doubt we will see a new Elder Scrolls, Fallout, or GTA for at least 3 years...

    The other thing that seems to be trending is internalizing, regulating, and monetizing modding... at least Bethesda took it that way with a second effort, now perhaps Take-Two wants to go the same route??? This is only speculation but I would not be surprised.

  • @Oskar said in The end of OpenIV:

    @sollaholla Yeah but I've got the feeling that this was just the beginning of something big.

    What do you mean by "bigger"? And how much bigger do you think this will get?

  • I honestly don't understand their reasons. They are protective of MP. Okay, fine, but what it has to do with OpenIV? Mods extend lifespan of their game, that's why so many people uninterested in MP play this game till this day and enjoy it.

    Now nothing will change on modding I'm sure, they just force us to go underground. They can't literally hack in every computer and delete OpenIV app by force, it already exists. What were they thinking?... People who can mod and want mods will have to spread on anonymous sites to share stuff, instead of big sites with built and friendly communities.

    It's very sad news...

  • @Forrest-Gimp T2 wants more money (their own games are ...), so, they wants exclusively to add modifications to the game and receive payments for that. Not allows more modding attacking the root (OpenIV and Scripthook) to obligate more people to play online to live new GTA experiences and obviously, paying for it. Also hackers have responsabilty, they lately are too brazen and don't take care about their actions and consecuences: a game development team tired of updates, analytics investments and security reinforcements in the online mode.


    @nathanjamesddg151 I'm sure there's a team already working on it, let's wait a few weeks and see


  • @Biggdogg

    Thats R*, the one who shut down OpenIV is TakeTwo. It doesn't help that Rockstar is allowing this terrible thing to happen....


    @cyberzone2 R⭐ should do something about it

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