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Warning! Block OpenIV with Windows Firewall to prevent the Shutdown

  • Banned

    As you know, OpenIV will no more support modding, immediately block the program using Firewall to prevent pushing update to block modding permanently.

  • @Akram To late. Do u have any idea what to do now ? Is there a cracked version or am i fucked ?

  • I updated to the last version, and so far you only have a message advising you to uninstall OPEN IV, but if you say "uninstall later" you still can use it without much issue.

    So all good.

  • We've all tried, it will still auto-update. There's no telling what it's downloading either.

  • @sollaholla I am using GTAVLauncherBypass 1.0. I'm able to get through without the update. I'm going to try downloading another copy to use on another drive for online gaming. Not that I ever play online very often though. My only concern is that it'll share the files in the appdata and mess up the modded game. I'm also going to use BackupV - Backupper & Restorer 2.0.0 before I try any of this.

  • @sollaholla said in Warning! Block OpenIV with Windows Firewall to prevent the Shutdown:

    We've all tried, it will still auto-update. There's no telling what it's downloading either.

    Take a look at this:

    When you use the “Browse” command and select the EXE file, Windows defaults to using what are known as environmental variables if the particular path includes a given path portion represented by one of those variables (e.g. instead of inserting C:\Users\Steve\ it will swap it for the environmental variable %USERPROFILE%). For some reason, despite the fact that this is the default way it populated the program path field it will break the firewall rule. If the file you have browsed to is anywhere that uses an environmental variable (like the /User/ path or the /Program Files/ path) you have to manually edit the program path entry to remove the variable and replace it with the correct and full file path. In case that’s a tad confusing let us illustrate with our example program from above.

    By default Windows plugged in the following program path information when we browsed for the file, which was located in our Documents folder:


    That file path is understood by Windows but for some reason when inserted into the firewall application it is no longer recognized and the firewall rule fails. Instead we need to replace the file path that includes the environmental variable with the full file path. In our case it looks like this:


    It’s possible this is some quirk isolated to the Windows 10 firewall and you can use environmental variables in Windows 7 or the like without issue, but we’d encourage you to just remove the variable and use the full and absolute file path to save yourself a headache today and down the road.


  • @Akram Just click uninstall later or change version number in core.xml file to 182 . both are simple fixes.

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