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OpenIV taken down and the Future of this site Question

  • Hello everyone I wanted to ask the modderators if this site will stay online since OpenIV was taken down by Take Two. I really hope this site wont be affected and we can still mod the game to an extent.

  • This site is not affected in any way.

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    hahahaha, how is it "not affected in anyway" I would love clarification on that. pretty much the one tool, that alllllllll the other tools/mods/etc,etc depend on has been discontinued. but its not going to have any affect. lol, wtf.

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    @Jitnaught Can you convince me why not? This site is all about modded files, you use to inject in game through OPEN IV. If they can take down OPENIV, why not this?

  • @KingsixII It's not affected in any direct way I should say. This site is not going to be taken down just because OpenIV was.

    @Akram Not everything here uses or needs OpenIV (such as many of the mods in the Tools, Scripts, Maps, and Misc sections).

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    but most of the files here need OpenIV, which can lead to a shutdown notice, even scripts = modding, which is even worse than OpenIV, as it is widely used in online. Not convinced.

  • http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/75877-how-to-still-mod-gta-v-dense-edition-i/ Hopefully I shared some light posting this to these threads.

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    @Jitnaught ummm ok ? what good are mods if there is no way to inject them into the game. it's like the world running out of oil and then saying it will in no way affect the auto industry. face it, until something other than open iv comes out, or for some reason the peeps who are/were/ running suddenly grow a spine, I'd say limbo is about the best this site can hope for. I myself can't wait for the hilarious "why is my game not working" posts that are sure to be coming in increasing numbers in the next few days, weeks..LOL good luck dealing with that trainwreck..

  • @KingsixII You do not seem to be in the know - OpenIV still works, just click "uninstall later", when the notice pops up, and we still have access the same way we always have. This only means that OpenIV as a program, will no longer receive updates. So we can still add whatever mods we desire as we always have. Also, scripts do NOT require OpenIV as they are added to one's scripts folder in their game directory, so the only thing that has changed, is the fact that OpenIV will never receive any future updates. So yeah, @jitnaught was absolutely right in everything he said.

  • @eshenk And one thing tho is that nobody can install OpenIV now AFAIK
    But people can download the "Offline Installer" that few people posted on Gtaforums

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Download it? LOL, I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't already have this installed as this game has been out for two years now, so anyone who has had this game for even a few days, should already have it. Johnny-come-lately's? Not so much, LOL.

  • @eshenk Yeah ik , but there still might be people who JUST Bought the game

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Two years after it was released? That just sounds weird to me, but ok.

  • @eshenk I just bought the game this January. There might still be people who are new to the modding scene for GTA.

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    @eshenk You never know. The developer says "Uninstall to avoid any legal consequnces". Of course, one do not need to worry on this, but he could simply prgram it to force-uninstall in future and disable the "uninstall later" button.

    If take2 can get him do this, take2 can legally proceed to close this website.

    Also what if scripthook never gets updated again, ever? How will u even spawn cars or use any trainer?

  • @Akram I am aware of the possible "what if " scenarios, I am merely speaking of the present moment. Be glad we have all that we have amassed over the years. Nothing lasts forever LOL.

    Personally I think good-nts purposefully left that option to "uninstall later" so we could still mod. Take Two ONLY asked them to cease updating it, and to remove as a download, they can't in anyway that I know of, stop us who already have it from using it, there are hundreds of thousands of users who use it on a daily basis, LOL.

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    @eshenk exactly, so this site can be taken down. Can be. Nobody can tell "We wont be touched because OpenIV did" . Well, you can be taken down, exactly for what OpenIV is taken down.

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    @eshenk The real Qn is will scripthook get updated? Then we can say anything on GooD NTS kept the program usable.

  • @Akram Make a privately owned site taken down? That is a court matter, and there are always other ways to get mods out, without being so open about it. I worry over this whole thing, not one iota, LOL.

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    Ofcourse, just like how we can use OpenIV now. There are always alternate ways.

  • @eshenk I have all the mod I could ever ask for. Who needs a driveable banana or a polish license plate, or one more Justin Beiber add-on, LOL. I am PLENTY happy, if even this site were taken down, and my OpenIV program exploded LOL.

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  • @V4D3R I just read your screenshot in the forums myself. Something tells me that this is more about stopping further development of OpenIV than it is about shutting down modding entirely. Even if it is, we still have all the mods we have amassed to this point, and if this site were to somehow be shut down, I think we would all just regroup in some other forum that was just not so obviously open, LOL.

  • @V4D3R IMHO, we should start a facebook group, so that should a worse case scenario arise, we could all still be assembled somewhere off-site, to discuss future plans.

  • @eshenk The fact is that if they went after OpenIV they mmight as well go after Script Hook V as it is also a modding tool developed by a couple of people, and the problem is that if a game Update comes out you wont be able to use trainers or anything, and all the mods you collected will just go to the trash.
    @Jitnaught thanks for the info I was just wondering cause apparently Take Two is against modding or at least that's what I read somewhere that was discussing the OpenIV case. So I though they may attack this site as well cause of that. But I'm happy that the site will stay on.

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