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I recommend y'all should do this.

  • https://www.take2games.com/contact/


    Write something to them telling them how we feel about this.
    Fuck Take-Two.


    I also posted this link and I encourage people to contact Take-Two...


    Rockstar will not "get in on this" and Rockstar will not leave Take-Two because it cannot...

    Rockstar is a company subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive which means that Take-Two owns Rockstar.

  • @DarthPungz Rockstar just can't back out? I have never heard of Take Two before today to be honest, they seem so little.


    @TheLoneWolf293 Take-Two's earnings last year were close to 2 billion dollars... the company owns Rockstar and 2k.

  • @DarthPungz Your kidding me.... That's bullshit. Rockstar made the game and they should have all of the say in this.


    @TheLoneWolf293 Take-Two is the parent company... they tell Rockstar what games to make...


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