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OpenIV shut down with rumor that GTA5Mods is next :(

  • Unconfirmed rumor being spread on YouTube states that Take2Interactive execs issued a cease operations directive to OpenIV from updating its software (which has already went into effect as of 6/13/17). This YouTuber goes on to state in his video that Gta5MOds is going to be ordered to shut down this site. What is Gta5Mods stand on this? The individual that does the scripthookv.dll updates is also being said to be targeted with this shutdown order which we all know LSPDFR cannot function without it. This is craziness.


    @SGTMCDOOGLE Source please...

  • "This Youtuber" says everything. I'm sorry to express myself like that but 99% of the GTA V Youtubers are the worst. They are clickbaiting with misleading thumbnails, arrows and circles in their tumbnails, INSANE VIDEO TITLES WRITTEN WITH CAPS LOCK and bullshit speculations just to have something to upload.
    You can't trust such Youtubers.

  • @DarthPungz Well, not much source required. This site hosts a lot of GTA 5 mods, (hence the name) and it wouldn't be much of a surprise if this site DOES indeed get taken down. Take 2 doesn't like modders very much, Online or Offline.

  • @DarthPungz It was some Youtuber "DoctorGTA" stating these rumors. Does any of it have any validity or is it all a bunch of BS?



    Thank you for the information. I don't know anything ‚Äčabout any contact between Take Two and 5Mods... I do not believe any has occurred.

  • @DarthPungz Its going to be a very sad day for the LSPDFR community if this rolls down hill, I can confirm that "OpenIV" does upgrade itself when you open it now and has a disclaimer pop up requesting that you must uninstall it. But you dont have to. When you click the "Uninstall Later" tab, OpenIV works as it did before. It just wont be updated anymore.
    That is why I asked this inquiry to see if GTA5MODS is next as rumored. Right now I am concerned that if scripthookV is not updated it means that we wont be able to use LSPDFR in social club build 1103. For us retail users that means the end of the line for us.

  • @SGTMCDOOGLE NO it does NOT mean that. It all worked on the previous version of the game. Scripthookv will NOT be updated because Blade is part of the OpenIV team, and I believe the cease and desist order also applied to him. If you have backups of the game assets that were last updated, then you are just fine. Even if not people can get you them, not here, but in a private chat. You will be fine.

  • @eshenk back ups no longer work for me. I was using build 1032 and scripthookV 1032 with Ragehook .52. I am on the retail version of the game and I was using an upgrade blocker that was functioning fine up until yesterday. It kept giving me a message that I have not been signed in online prior to using the mod therefore offline mode is not available to me. Furthermore when I try to log in it says that social club server is offline for some reason. even when I load the game itself to force an update on a vanilla copy just to see if I can play GTAV itself without the Rage hook pluggin.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @eshenk negative I am retail 7 disc set up

  • @SGTMCDOOGLE I am using Steam, and NEVER have these issues. I know it seems shitty, but you could always buy Steam version, and then backups could be provided so that you could continue as was. If you decide to go that route, hit me up in a PM, and I can hook you up. BTW, I am using 944.1 version, so I could also provide scripthookv, but rage, I don't have, so you would need to get rage version compatible with 944.1 from somewhere - I am reasonably certain you could get that as well from somewhere.

  • @eshenk I have copies of every Rage pluggin going back to version .38 figured it might come in handy for this reason

  • @SGTMCDOOGLE So if it really comes to it, sounds like it will, you could get Steam version, backups could be provided - it will put ou on version 944.1 - I also have scripthookv compatible with 944.1. You would have to start all over again putting all your mods back again, but at least you won't be up shit creek, well, you know the rest, LOL.

  • @eshenk I have backups of the scripthookV dlls as well. So I will keep that in mind. What is the price on the steam version of GTAV currently?

  • @SGTMCDOOGLE I am sure it is reduced to bargain rates by now, given how long ago it was released. Do you have Steam? I HIGHLY recommend you uses this, it is much better than going retail IMHO. Just search GTAV and it will show up, as will the price.

  • @eshenk I have heard of steam but never used it

  • given the popularity of GTAV with the LSPDFR mod, is it possible that they might still charge too much for it because they know it is actively used for LSPFR?

  • @SGTMCDOOGLE http://store.steampowered.com/ Definitely install this and get familiar with it, it is very nice and convenient. Trust me, you will never go back to retail again. EVER.

  • @eshenk I just checked, and it is still 59.99, really surprised it hasn't come down some as most games do over time.

  • @SGTMCDOOGLE If you have retail version, all you have to do is run the game with -scOfflineOnly command, and it will directly go into story mode without installing new updates of GTA. That is what I use, and you don't even need to be concerned about backups and stuff.

    Whenever it says it needs to activate, remove the -scOfflineOnly command, launch the game normally. Log into your account. After it says "(your username) signed in" wait a few seconds and close the launcher.

    Then launch the game with -scOfflineOnly command. Works 100% fine for me.

    To be completely honest with you, I never launch the game without the -scOfflineOnly command unless when installing updates. It works pretty much fine for me. I also use it because then it boots directly into story mode.

  • @eshenk yea just looked at it myself :( not paying that too play it again. I will check EBAY

  • @SGTMCDOOGLE @AHK1221 answered how to get around this, see his comment above your last one to me.

  • @SGTMCDOOGLE Dont know if you got the info you wanted yet but yes, OpenIV is done... but gta5mods isnt going anywhere,.

  • @TheLoneWolf293 yea got the jist of it :(

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