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Map Editor: Invalid Objects // Object Spawn Unlocker

  • I found 2 major problems with map editor that I'm stuck with

    A. 50k object list contain only 10k valid objects in map editor
    B. map editor doesn't skip invalid objects from search results

    Is there a problem with map editor itself by not filtering out invalid object from its list or object spawn unlocker isn't working with newer versions of gta?

    vcredist 2013 & 2015 installed along with scripthookv & scripthookvdotnet w/ native UI. GTA version latest legit

  • @ggibbs these object can be valide in fact.
    Depending the area where you are when you open the prop menu or load map object will be valid or not.
    For exemple a cs4_xxx object will be only valid if you're in desert, while a dt1_xxx object will be only valid if you're arund the maze bank.
    These object mostly have no colision, but some can still be usefull like pool, sand, road, build etc
    you will just need to build a colision with other prop.

  • Took me some time to figure it out haha.. thanks a lot dude, now it all makes a lot more sense.

    So if I'm creating something in vespucci beach but the tree i'm looking for can only be loaded in paleto bay, then all i need to is to load up map editor standing in paleto bay and travel back to vespucci in the editor right?

    Then from that moment on all models will be loaded from the paleto bay region?

    Thanks again dude

  • i know that this post is quite old but i believe that some ppl still look for answers.If really matters where you actually standing at the time when you open prop menu than i think that those objects are all (or most of them) valid but becouse you are not at the area of interest that is why they come up invalid.At least this is the way i understand it and i have gave it a try and it looks like that maybe the case.The only thing that slows me down is when you go trough the list and all obejcts are invalid so it takes forever while you get to the one you looking for.However thanks and appreciate your help.

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