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No need to panic, unless....

  • I have been studying the whole situation with OpenIV lately. I have seen one allege that a next R* update plans to modify the internal structure of the archives that hold all of the in-game assets that makes the game work. I am still operating off version 944.1, and have an entire copy of all vanilla archives, just in case something like that were to happen. For a Justin Case scenario, I would advise other's to do the same. Just make a back up of the entire game folder, so that if that day comes, YOU will not be the one crying.

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    Do you know how to encrypt the new upcoming files YDV?

  • @VEntertainment

    Encrypting means they would have to do redo the entire rpf archive. It's just not efficient and the game is already bloated as it is now.

    I find that unlikely unless they want to fuck over the community by redownloading the entire game ( downloading 65GB is fucking a lot if they want to reencrypt again).

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    @cyberzone2 Exactly but they have the money to do it, so I don't doubt it

  • Honestly, to play it safe, I'm just keeping my old version of GTA and never updating it again..i'll see how long it lasts. The online DLC has been total shit anyways so I don't want that in my SP.


    The only potential risk we're running, is when Social Club suddenly began its own version verification, based off the game files itself. I don't think it does this (at least not on STEAM, where I'm pretty sure it takes the info off the pertinent appmanifest). Otherwise, yes, as long as we keep our backups, we can continue to play indefinitely. :)

  • I'm still turning that gunrunning dlc into a mod anyways for sp use.

  • @eshenk those are just rumors for now, re-encryption would take time .

  • This post is deleted!

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    @FoxtrotDelta GTA MP online has gotten detective in his house the application was from Take2Interactive they sent the detective to the modders house like wtf its in the reddit

  • @VEntertainment yea it was about alternate multiplayer mode for gta 5 online and like 7 to 8 months ago. I saw a video of the incidence.

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