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indian truck for gta 5 pls convert

  • i want indian truck replace for tiptruck pls somebody help me
    photto of the truck in given link link text

  • Oh no that's a double post a moderator is gonna get you.

  • sorry i dint know that i will not repeat due to my excessive wish i did that

  • please somebody help me

  • That model is $150, and doesn't seem to be high quality.

  • can you make it for free actually i dont have money iam only 14 year and dont have job in my state this vehicle is so popular thats why iam begging you
    alt text

  • @Ebin You cannot make it free! That is considered Content Theft/copyright infringement, if it even has one.

    3D Modelers are artists, they work hard to create models such as... that truck.

    I mean sure we have paid models here, but that's cause the ACTUAL AUTHOR OF THE PAID MODEL said it was okay.

    Did the author of this truck tell you it was OK? (Permissions are important in creation to avoid certain copyrights, we have modders who have had their content stolen and they rightfully claimed it was their mod.)

  • @ebin yaar 3d model search karo, agar tou model miljay , main isko gta 5 main lay aain ga for free,

    3D model dhoondo! Pakistani bangla ya india ka truck ho, sab aik jaysay dikhtay hain,

    Yeh picture toh tata truck ki hay. Main nay kafri arsa search kiya lakin koi model nai mila.

    If you want it to be made from scrach
    It will cost you money. Otherwise do as i said above ;)

  • Banned

    @FoxtrotDelta ney miltha hain esa rare wala

  • @Akram yaar mil sakta hay , email send karo ya indian \ pakistani forums par post karo request , boht log hain jo model banatay hain , gta k liye day provide kar dain gay model.


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