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Game crashing

  • I've installed some mods, and my game started crashing at random times. Sometimes it crashes right when I load up the game, sometime after 20 minutes of playing and sometimes after an hour of playing. Mods I have: Szabo's Persistence mod and the lua plugin for it, mega realistic car pack 4.0 and the real car names for it, menyoo, modified gameconfig, 4k satelite map and the red house missions mod. Please help!

  • @ffguy Well you posted this question three days ago, and your profile shows your last login was the day you made this post, and you have absolutely no other history here on this site, which leads me to believe you are yet another hit-n-run poster. Ditch Szabo's mod, and use ImNotMentals mod that does the same thing, ditch the red house mod as it is WAY dated.

  • @eshenk Thanks man, and yea, I use this site very often for downloading mods, but I'm not very active.

  • @eshenk I added I'm not mentals persistance mod and it's still crashing, usually around rockford hills.

  • @ffguy Have you placed an addon vehicle via the persistence mod? To me it seems an addon vehicle makes your game crash when it gets spawned by the mod.

  • Red house doesn't even work and it might cause crashes , remove it

  • @HeySlickThatsMe I've already removed red house
    @Cyron43 Well, I have Mega Realistic Car Pack installed, but I haven't even used the persistance mod so far, I just installed it.

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