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Why aren't you guys boycotting take two interactive?

  • @eshenk Its not bout destroying peoples lives. People will always buy the game regardless. Its about significantly dropping their profit margins. Making T2 think, what can we do better and what compromises can we make with our user base.


    The GTA 4 being brought into 5 definitely pissed them off... The RDR before that as well...

    I suggest anyone working on a big map mod just stay quiet about it... Finish it... Release it... If they are pissed afterwards they will tell you to take it down but once it is out there it will always be out there...

  • @Cass The compromise is that we are still playing our modded games, OPEN IV still works, so we can continue to add mods over time. New mods are being uploaded every day, so why the fuss? You just want everything your way, be glad you have what you have.

  • @eshenk LC wouldn't have any impact on red dead. it's two different kind of game, and anyway it was just the map ported to gta 5, no scenario, no ambiance etc
    Nah they just did that cause they want their last DLC to be played as max as possible to make a last razia on people money. and the fact that a lot of player prefer mod than their shity online is not good for them, they really want make as much money as possible with this last DLC.
    Dlc are always thing that cost an arm, and encourage people to buy shitcards, that the way take two wanna earn money and they can't from sp that why they don't like mod.

  • @Shaezbreizh You do realize that RDR2 will ALSO have an online component right? That IS the main reason IMHO, for taking such action at the time that they have. It would totally impact sales, to suddenly have a whole new gaming world inside another, when they want to focus on making RDR Online the next "big thing".



    The tools have gotten so much better in OpenIV, we can edit ymap files and with dlc maps and scripting we can make missions... With so we are on the doorstep of being able to make some crazy cool large high quality SP content with missions and whatnot... This would pull people away from online pay to play for sure.

  • @TheLoneWolf293 Up to 20,000 good job. Thats 20,000 @eshenk , taking action.
    Mean while you...


    @TheLoneWolf293 I did sign it but it won't do anything... It is like sitting in a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but you don't go anywhere....

  • @TheLoneWolf293 Are you willing to boycott?

  • @Cass TBH There isn't much any of us can do..... I'm doing all I can and I would do more...

  • Alot of users are leaving negative reviews. Theres another way.

  • @DarthPungz @eshenk As i said Red Dead is an other kind of game. an other kind of player
    If people was gonna buy red dead, they will not change their mind cause a map that they already know and played was ported to gta 5, also, if i remember well the LC from OpenIV was gonna requir to get gta IV wich mean that it reduce again the amount of people concerned.
    Personatly i think, it wouldn't have any impact. maybe like 1 to 5 % of red dead player will find interest in this LC map, and like 1 to 10 % of them will not play red dead online cause there is a map ported to gta V.
    Nah the interst of take two is obviously to make a last money grab on the Gunrunning dlc since it will probably be the last online update. and mod are a frein to their money pinnata that they want avoid

  • Truth is, even before Take Two decided on this course of action I was of a mind not to purchase anymore Rockstar/Take Two games. I would have reconsidered if I knew JulioNIB was going to add Iron Man/Hulk scripts once it was released, but now because of Take Two, it looks even more doubtful. Being able to mod a game is a key factor in me purchasing a game; I'll buy a game 5-7 years old if there are a variety of mods for it. If Take Two wishes to go the easy route of "Shoot 'em all and let God sort 'em out" in regards to the community-- like they just did with OpenIV-- then I personally don't want to invest money nor time into their business. I admire those of you who are honest, who say you will continue to purchase their games even after this fiasco. Hopefully Take Two doesn't continue to pull incidents like these, but look at EA and Obisoft-- they will continue to do so with impunity, because too many gamers are like addicts. Guilty as charged. But...

    This maybe a first step for some of us. To finally tell these companies, "Hey, our business may not matter to you, but eventually another game company will get our business and positive word of mouth; a company that will outshine yours because they won't grow complacent and greedy. Well, at least not for several years anyway. I look forward to spending my money and investing my time with companies that will encourage modding, because that IS what turned a simply sword and sorcery game like Skyrim into a game that constantly appears in number one spots for Game of All Time. I may not be able to don Iron Man's armor in your games, but there will come a day that another sandbox/open world lets me fill Tony's imported leather shoes, and you, Take Two, you will be a distant memory..."

  • Watch the entire video. Pay particular attention towards the end.

  • @BatKnight I see the point you are making, I really do. Valve is a perfect example here - HL2 is a perfect example. This game, 13 years after it's release is still being modded everyday. Elder Scrolls, and other titles continue to have a vibrant modding community, without any adverse impact to it's developers. There is a common denominator here though, and that is that most of these titles that ARE moddible, do NOT have online components.

    There is something about a game that has a single player and online function that seems to not agree with each other in terms of profitability from a developer's standpoint.

    My thoughts are that a game that has a popular single player and online experience, will be more subject to the kinds of things that are/have happened with what Take Two has decided to do here, versus games that are just purely single player games.

  • Mod menus lexicon and menyoo have been taken down. After discussions with take two Interactive, both mod menus have been discontinued.

    Take two are justified in taking this action. As both mod menus were made for online use.

    The SP version of menyoo is not affected.

  • Really, I see little sense in not playing the game I already paid for. Future releases, sure, I won't buy them. I won't buy Shark Cards either (even though I never bought one in the first place). I will not ever play Online, not only because of this, but also because it is simply awful. But the single player mode is still decent and we can still mod it.

  • @Cass For what you said about people blindly following YouTubers, I think some of the YouTubers who kiss ass to Online are trying to make their fan base believe that OpenIV has been responsible for online modding. One of them being Dat Saintsfan who labeled OpenIV as a modding tool for online and just a quick look in the comments section shows how many lemmings he has.

    I think we need someone with enough influence to debunk the video or we just spam it with dislikes. But we know now that in the eyes of the Online players, Take Two is their knight in shining armor. :/

  • @BrickFast Never heard of that GTA YouTuber, but I just looked up and found only one video related to the situation

    And in it he pretty much clarifies that OpenIV was strictly SP-only. Is there something else I don't know?

    P.S. How can I stop these things from embedding?

  • @Cass We can't really boycott them if we weren't ever buying sharkcards to begin with? This would be on the people buying sharkcards, and if nothing else THEN boycott the games.

  • @Cass Take TWO used OpenIV as an example of "don't fuck with companies". They are using them as a hangman EVEN THOUGH it had nothing to do with the other mods. End of...story.

    Now....You are obviously trying to be somebody, and we all know it's over. But knock it the fuck off because all you're doing is a sad attempt at causing rage for sixteen year old fat kids who think the world is going to end because they can't get the HULK in the game.

  • @Pedge -- You need to relax there, pal. The only rage I'm seeing is you trying (...remember that word, as it is the operative one) to discourage Cass and others from expressing their anger. And "we all know it's over"? Who's "we", kid? If you don't like what you're reading, then why even comment? Because, what? You're the voice of reason? Hardly. You're just some dipshit trying (...see? There's that word again.) to get people to stop being passionate about what they feel is an injustice. Why don't you "knock it the fuck off"?

    Cass, you keep expressing your concern and even outrage at Take Two's actions. It might not change anything, but at least you didn't go quietly into that good night. Let people like Pedge think themselves the adult here, when they are no different than those fat sixteen year olds who want to bitch.

  • @BatKnight I would never let a view point such pedges deter me. If pedge and others like him are trying to shut down a cause that affects pedge and others (the gaming community). Tells everyone what type of people they really are. Bitter, never stood for anything in their lives.

    I will make a post when the next propaganda comes out from R* or T2 to see if people have the stamina to do a boycott.

    I know i cant do this alone. It will take a good amount of people, working as a group. To get anywhere with this boycott.
    Either way i will boycott regardless. As im a man of principles.

  • @BatKnight Relax? Did you read your post? I'm saying in my wonderfully sexy loved by everyone peppered way of talk that the "let's take down the man" thing just isn't going to work, and platforming and soap-boxing isn't going to help. It's going to end nowhere.

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