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Why aren't you guys boycotting take two interactive?

  • @Pedge said in Why aren't you guys boycotting take two interactive?:

    @BatKnight Relax? Did you read your post? I'm saying in my wonderfully sexy loved by everyone peppered way of talk that the "let's take down the man" thing just isn't going to work, and platforming and soap-boxing isn't going to help. It's going to end nowhere.

    Then what you're doing is even more pointless.


    This thread might be approaching its end, it has had many points of view expressed fully and it is clear where everyone is coming from... if it deteriorates into petty fighting and insults it will be locked.

    alt text

  • @Pedge -- Then why didn't you just say that? Instead you were condescending and confrontational. I hope you won't lie to us and yourself here, Pedge, but would you honestly like it if someone spoke down to you? Only a liar or a glutton for punishment would say they endorse that method. And finally, it (...protesting, expressions of anger and feeling betrayed, etc.) may not work, but at least T2 knows they've angered a chunk of their consumer base. They KNOW. Whether or not they care isn't the issue. The point is they KNOW. That, in itself, is a victory.

  • I work at a EB Games in Toronto and have been refusing to sell anything developed by R*
    I just pulled all the cases from the wall, and tell customers we're sold out. Fuck em.
    I redirected my last customer looking to purchase Shark Cards to Se7enSins to learn how to money dupe.
    I won't let up until R* removes T2's dick from out they're ass.

  • I've already put a video calling a boycott on all take 2 games and Rockstar games on my Youtube channel Detroitrockcity3I https://www.youtube.com/CYFktl14jSk This will teach Take 2 to not fuck with us pc gamers at all !

  • @House-Rushton Good , keep up the pressure , and any new games from either Rockstar or take 2 you know what to do .


    @fuck_take-2 I like your user name lol

  • @House-Rushton Nice! - I wish GameStop here in the US would do that at all their stores. Would definitely be a bold statement directed at Take2, that's for sure. I for one was looking forward to playing RDR2, but that ship has sailed, at least until this all gets resolved (if ever). I just uninstalled KSP also. Didn't even know it was bought out until today.

  • @BatKnight Chronic type before I think, all apologies both of you.

  • @Pedge -- In a world where ego and pride don't allow for an apology, you manned up and did so. You the man, Pedge.

  • @Biggdogg Well thank you I mostly chose it because of what Take 2 did by shutting down Open IV and even went on to ban mods .

  • @fadelessevo If only they would , hold on a sec KSP bought out by take 2 ? this won't end well for take 2 I can tell you that much .

  • OpenIV just got an update...

  • GooD-NTS has confirmed that a statement is coming soon, just not tonight.

    So be patient and wait until we know what the score is.

  • @BatKnight Thanks man, I really was brisk wasn't I? And I was also wrong.
    Guess "The Man" can be taken down a notch, congrats guys,
    I wouldn't have thought it possible, and I was really heartbroken when I thought modding in GTA V was over, wasn't very thrilled about having to go back to Skyrim. :P I really am a modding nut.Thanks to all who gave TT hell.

  • @Joe-Gillian Absolutely, situations like this TT fiasco just brings out the worse in people. Hopefully I have taken something away from this. ;)

  • @Cass I have a feeling the steam review attack might be a partial player in all this. That was a slap and a half.

  • @Pedge Yes played a big part. Along with all the boycotts, videos, social media, pictures, forum posts around the world. Just shows you what a group of people, banding together for the good, can achieve.

    Iam speaking as if its over. Its NOT. OIV team still has to release a statement. Hoping to see that statement by sunday at the latest.

  • Well hopefully they do . as I would like to know what they have to say .

  • There will never be an end to content, we have our community :) @Dauge

  • @Cass Well I guess I had little faith in the little guys, we'll have to see but this is still an exciting turn.

  • @Pedge Indeed it is , so now the ball is in Open Iv's court lets hear what they have to say .

  • OpenIV statement

    In order to qualify all of the questions we had received during past weeks, we make some explanations:
    Unfortunately, we were unable to answer those questions earlier due to real life (yeah we have some).

    The community
    First of all, we want to say "Thank you" to everyone who supported us in this tough situation. We’re very grateful for your support; for demonstration of the fact, that modding community is still a minority, but very vocal, creative and determined minority. You made the impossible and this story is already scribed into the history of PC gaming and the Internet itself.
    Yes, this is your victory! Congratulations and many thanks once again!

    OpenIV and modding
    The development of OpenIV will be continued as before. OpenIV never supported GTA Online modding and will not support it in the future. Our work will be continued within the Rockstar modding policy.

    Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto V
    Unfortunately, our highly anticipated mod “Liberty City in GTA V” will not be released because it clearly contradicts with Rockstar modding policy. Liberty City mod is a big loss for us, since it was a huge part of our motivation to push OpenIV functionality.

    If you are wondering what is next, well, we are currently revising our plans for the future.

    OpenIV Team.


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