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OpenIV shutdown // Official statement of Rockstar Games

  • @FoxtrotDelta what if I have never downloaded it before? What's the website I get it from not interested in modding just want to play SP LSPDR mods?

  • @krashadam yes, apologies, my comment was more of a rhetorical "if this-then not that" statement; but yes it is abundantly clear this is a take two decision and not a Rockstar one. However, I believe, the point still stands, for future Modding, take two can create some sort of closed system like what Bethesda is doing with their creation or creator Modding marketplace. Hell within this system, there could exist differing tiers from free mods to various priced mods, opening a new funding stream for Take Two, but still allowing Modding of a single player experience; or something like that.

    I recognize that this is a pipe dream and reeks of naivete. Rather than blast, deservedly, take two and it's decisions I wonder if the community might find more traction with take two if the community generated some way to compromise with the publisher, in protecting it's intellectual property, addressing the monetization necessities of said company, but still allowing for the community to modify their single player experience and share those efforts with the rest of the community.


    Everyone make sure you sign the petitions on this site

  • @Biggdogg What the hell is an online petition going to do? All we can do is sit here and wait. I doubt they are going to allow modding again. This is BULLSHIT. FUCK ROCKSTAR FUCK TAKE TWO. OpenIV has been out for nearly 10 fucking years and they now just take it down? What the shit! Take Two doesnt give a shit about mods, I think its pretty clear the cheater thing is a cover up, they just want to make more money from these shark cards. Want the Rocket Voltic? Oh wait, it costs $25 in real money!


    @bur587 sit and wait!? No, sitting and waiting doesn't get anything accomplished, be a pebble in a pond. People are already working on new different ways to mod GTA. I agree with you Take Two is ridiculous, it's all greed.

  • @Biggdogg Ive already dont as much as I could man, signed the petition, negative review on steam, tried contacting them. Im just waiting now....

  • Take two may claim that it isn't targeting singleplayer mods, but that's clearly a load of BS. OpenIV, RagePluginHook, ScripthookV are all designed to not activate in MP mode, let alone allow you to switch from SP to MP..

  • OpenIV responded regarding rockstars statements today.



    @bur587 all good bro, good stuff

  • @Biggdogg @Thero Doesnt really say much to me....

  • This is just insane i can not believe this.. just wow fuck take two.

  • UPDATE see first post

  • Oh what a shame, I was going to start a Youtube channel, and build a $600 PC just to mod GTA and make it a part-time thing. F*** Take Two and shame on Rockstar for not saying a reason why OPENIV IS NOT AN ONLINE MOD TOOL. OpenIV and SCRIPTHOOKV had nothing to do with online, enforcing people to not mod online, but I guess being the 4th best selling game in history and billions of $s isn't enough

  • UPDATE see first post

  • How are we getting banned from modding an offline game that we paid for.. Pshh take 2 are a bunch of dick heads.

  • youtube videos showcasing mods will be affected? what do u think guys ?

  • The videos that have already been made might not get effected but future videos will be harder to make and keep on youtube.

  • Sorry for my ignorance, what happens with the last update of OpenIV?

  • @DarthPungz I agree with you from a humanistic point of view. R*/T2 however is just another endlessly greedy company and as such they see no reason for a collaboration, because no profit. :-/

  • Has Alexander Blade updated us on what's going on with scripthook v and how this has affected it?

  • UPDATE see first post

  • @FoxtrotDelta The issue with what you said ("Unfortunately OpenIV enables recent malicious mods that allow harassment of players and interfere with the GTA Online experience for everybody.") is wrong - (I know it is rockstars statement) but its wrong, My friend got a mod menu online without open iv and so do basically everyone else, all they do is put a script and a modded version of scripthook (or something else in the main folder), they do not need access to .rpf and evrything else you can do with Open IV. And anyway - if you mod GTA now and try to go online, you get a "Your game files are altered - return to gta 5" So the only way they can mod online is via external scripts and programs, so nothing to do with Open IV - Just a load of TakeTwo bollocks and Rockstar know it, they just dont want to piss their parent company off

  • Stupid move of them......a lot of angry people now....including me!!!

  • 100% sure that Alexander Blade is forced to not update it anymore. It seems they want to stop people from modding and cheating the game. They think about the future. GTA 6 will be completly different and i think it will not be possible to mod it easly or at all if it´s that what they plan to do.

  • @Whats-a-Username- 100% sure? Have a source or proof? 100% sure means u have something we dont know. Plz do share.

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