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[Tutorial] How to Re-Mod your GTA 5 like you ever did [Update 1103]

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    Update (23-06-2017):

    New Scripthook Released from Alexander Blade. Now update and play modded game.

    Update (22-06-2017):

    Now you can play Latest version (1103) modded with Scripthook clone (openscripthook) - Tested on RGSC version


    1. Update your Game using Gta5launcher OR manually update from: http://u2l-gaming.de/gtav/ after downloading Launcher, Game Patch and Misc (DLC 13) Pack.
    2. Download https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/openscripthook-experimental
    3. Copy the files to GTA 5 root Folder
    4. Delete Scripthookv.ini from root folder if any
    5. Delete mpgunrunning.asi from root folder if any
    6. Download latest Simple Trainer: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav
    7. Move all your .asi files to asi folder except Openiv.asi and ScripthookVDotNet.asi
    8. Avoid using any asi mods that utilizes GUI, Textures etc
    9. Open dlclist.xml where you added your add-on vehicles lines and copy these lines.
    10. Move new update.rpf from update/update.rpf to mods/update/update.rpf
    11. Paste the lines to new dlclist.xml you copied to mods folder
    12. Play the game as usual

    Important Notes:

    1. Any mods using in-game GUI will cause the game to crash or heavily impact on the performance. This includes NFSGuage.asi, Addonspawner.asi etc, So avoid these asi's for now until the new scripthook is updated.
    2. Latest Simple Trainer is updated to include Gunrunning Add-on Vehicles so you dont need mpgunrunning.asi
    3. Spawn names of latest vehicles can be found at: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpgunrunning\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles\mpgunrunningvehicles.rpf\
    4. Gtavlauncherbypass still works.

    [Original Story]
    Work-around for Patch 1032:

    I was one of them who updated GTA 5 - gunrunning update unknowing of all the on-going havoc. Since OpenIV is taken down (not really), i really believe we wont see an updated scripthook, rendering all modded files useless for people who updated to the latest version of the game. For people who did not update, they can continue using their mods like they did.

    Looks like works fine on RGSC version, but some users reported issues with Steam

    First of all, you have to sort out Open IV. Use any one of the below as per your need:

    Full Offline OpenIV 2.9 Installer:

    OpenIV Anti pop-up patch:

    Patched exe-file (Put it in c:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Local\New Technology Studio\Apps\OpenIV\ ):

    Alternate method to disable OpenIV updates (Use Any 1):

    Method 1:

    • Right Click "Open IV", click Properties
    • In Target Field add the line at the end: -core.game:Five
    • It should look like this:

    "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\New Technology Studio\Apps\OpenIV\OpenIV.exe" -core.game:Five

    • Apply and Ok, and Open IV should boot directly to GTA 5 folder.

    (Thanks to dsawdsaw)

    Method 2:

    • Edit core.xml found at: c:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Local\New Technology Studio\Apps\OpenIV\
    • Change the <number>(whatever)</number> to <number>182</number>
    • Save and close

    Method 3:

    • Use you firewall to block the OpenIV.exe
    • Open Firewall Advanced Settings
    • Click Outbound Rules
    • Click New Rule
    • Click Program
    • Select Program Path: c:\Users[UserName]\AppData\Local\New Technology Studio\Apps\OpenIV\OpenIV.exe
    • Block Connection
    • Give any Name
    • Save.

    Method 4:

    • Load OpenIV.exe in Hex Editor (Google and download any Hex Editor)
    • To disable Updates, search for 75 0c a1 20 e8, chenge 75 to eb
    • To Remove the pop-up, search for E8 AC 70 FD FF and replace all 5 nibbles to 90 90 90 90 90


    Ignore the pop-up message and Click on Uninstall Later to continue using it.

    Now for those who have accidentally updated to latest version of the game, you can revert back to previous version, so the scripthook runs with it and continue modding.

    1. Download Game Patch 1032.1 from http://u2l-gaming.de/gtav/ for RGSC Users


    1. Download for Steam Users - Thanks to I'mNotMental
    1. Copy to your GTA 5 folder and replace
    2. Use the GTA 5 Launcher Bypass and start game using GTA5.exe
    • When you Open OpenIV, do not copy update.rpf to mods folder, ignore that message.

    That is all. You can play the game with mods now.

    If you ever need to play latest Game unmodded (SP or Online):

    1. Disable ASI Loader from OpenIV
    2. Game will update and Play.
    • Once updated, backup the latest GTA5launcher.exe and GTA5.exe, if in case you need to play modded version.
    • Do not copy latest update.rpf to mods folder (ignore the message in OpenIV)

  • @Akram When i run the launcher and game patch files it simply says gta V is not installed on this computer and that's it :/

  • @Akram #
    **Now for those who have accidentally updated to latest version of the game, you can revert back to previous version, so the scripthook runs with it and continue modding.

    Go to this link
    Select Launcher 1011.1 - Download, Run it.
    Select Game Patch 1032.1 - Download, Run it.
    When you Open OpenIV, do not copy update.rpf to mods folder, ignore that message.**

    Yeah, this is telling me I don't have the game installed apparently? uninstalled OpenIV and tried again about 5 times.. any ideas?

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    @SirAxolotlTheThird @JDHauser

    Are you using steam by any chance? Ok, download the exe files below and copy in your GTA 5 folder


    use the bypass launcher and start game with GTA5.exe

    Your previous modified update.rpf should still be in the mods folder

  • @Akram Yeah man, using steam!

    Just downloaded, will give this a go

  • @Akram yes i am running the steam version, thank you so much; you're a true hero.

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    @JDHauser @SirAxolotlTheThird Let me know if it works, so i can update OP

  • @Akram Works! Well, i can load up in to the game menu now but asking me to activate my copy.. when I add my cd key it tells me its already activated?

  • @JDHauser @Akram same problem, ask me for cd key but then it claims to already be in use.

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    I dont know how it is for steam, but u can try this all from beginning:

    Remove bypasslauncher
    Disable ASI loader in Open IV
    Launch the game normally, it should update to latest version and do the activation procedure. Make sure u tick "Auto Sign-in" and launch the game.
    Quit the game and use the exes i just uploaded
    use bypasslauncer

    and see if it works

  • @Akram

    removed bypasslauncher

    disabled ASI loader

    Launched normally (which did trigger an update)

    still asks for activation code and the code is still "already in use"

    this is weird, should i contact rockstar and check if they can give me a new key?

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    @SirAxolotlTheThird wtf, this is weird.

  • @Akram It don't worked for me on steam, fuck :(

  • @ArthurLopes Us steam users might just have to hope that Alexander blade doesnt get a C&D like OpenIV did. If he does release an update soon enough we'll just have to prevent the game from updating (using this launcherbypass).

  • This post is deleted!

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    @SirAxolotlTheThird Can you try this:

    Change System date to July 17, 2017 and start the game from steam (unmodded), It should say date in incorrect, and quit the game. Now get back to correct date and start the game from Steam.

    Other fixes:

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Akram Neither of those methods worked for me :/ Still demands that i activate my game and that the code i enter is invalid or already in use.

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    @SirAxolotlTheThird try this?

    If not, you have to somehow get it activated, and then re-do the steps

  • @Akram Now it works, im in the game and all my mods are functional :)

    i reinstalled launcherbypass and used the gtav.exe and update folder from https://www.imnotmental.com/tool/gtavlauncher-bypass-for-steam/

    During the launch it looked like it was gonna do the same thing with social club but it recognized my copy as activated and im now in the game, thank you :)

    Also on a side-note, could you upvote this reply? I have a 600 second cooldown on replying due to not having any reputation on the forums :S

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    @SirAxolotlTheThird Great I will update OP. so the problem was with GTA5.exe of Steam. I dont think you need that update.rpf, since only update.rpf in the mods folder will be activated.

  • @Akram ahh okay, great work :)

  • @Global-Moderators The post links to direct downloads of original GTA 5 files...

  • @Akram It looked like it was going to work , but the game just crashes in the loading screen.Any other solutions?I really need help man.Thanks in advance...

  • Distributing game files is not allowed here. I removed the links.

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