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[Tutorial] How to Re-Mod your GTA 5 like you ever did [Update 1103]

  • @Akram Okay now this is weird, it worked once but now when i try to launch it again it crashes and i get an ERR_SYS_FILELOAD message. Tried verifying and it seems to detect 2 "corrupt" files totaling 735mb, one of which is the gta5.exe that worked. I tried replacing it again and launching but it keeps giving me the ERR_SYS_FILELOAD error :/

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    @Jitnaught Ah Ok, i will redirect to the websites.

  • @Akram What do i do with the patch? i have the social club game version , i just run place it in the root folder and run it?

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    @lacasa_70 If you have social club version, like me, this is what i did:

    copy the gta5.exe i uploaded before, or download from the site i posted and download the patch 1032.1, and replace in root folder. Use bypasslauncher and click gta5.exe to play

    thats how i got to work. make sure asi plugin is enabled in OpenIV

  • @Akram I still can not get in game :(

    I get to the loading story screen, asking for my log in deets then tells me there is an error with steam and to contact customer support?

  • @Akram that was with trying the fix that worked for @SirAxolotlTheThird

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    @JDHauser Sorry, but i cannot test with steam, as i own RGSC version. In that website of I'mnotmental, he claims to have tested so you can ask him how did he do it?

  • My question is though is won't GTA V auto update when you login steam to play a different game?

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    @bizzlezx10r bypass launcher will disable update. or you can block steam in firewall

  • @Akram No problem man, I appreciate all the help! Hopefully this will get sorted!

    ..And hopefully Rockstar comes to sense.

  • @Akram Thanks for this thread, appreciate it.

    I have RGSC version and I downloaded the patch and bypasslauncher but I'm not sure what to do next. Do I just copy the patch to my GTA folder then double click GTA5.exe or do I have to rename the patch or replace my GTA5.exe or something?

    Sorry if I'm being a dumbass, but could you walk me through the next step? Thanks.

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    @Zoidberg after you copy gta5.exe and replace it, double click on it to play

  • @Akram This won't hinder other steam games from working? I'm aware of the by pass but i just dont want it to auto update when i login steam to play Rome Total War or something

  • @Akram Great I've got it working, thanks a lot.

  • @Akram i read it too late hahaha, what i did was just run the patch 1032 , as the gta5.exe you uploaded made my game crash.Really appreciate you took the time to write the post and answer comments.Thanks

  • This post is deleted!

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    @bizzlezx10r if u use bypasslauncher, GTA 5 wont auto update. If u block steam with firewall, i think steam will launch in offline mode without connecting to internet

    @ArthurLopes What did u post?

  • i got gta 5 to work as said earlier but heres what i did:
    validate files
    run game without script or anything
    wait to load and quit
    replace files with the rpf and exe files
    add the bypass
    restart steam in offline mode

    it should log into rockstar offline and load up

  • @Akram I said that the game crashed while loading but it was because i didn't used the update.rpf so i removed it :P

  • I did this part:

    Now for those who have accidentally updated to latest version of the game, you can revert back to previous version, so the scripthook runs with it and continue modding.

    Download for Steam Users - Thanks to I'mNotMental
    Copy to your GTA 5 folder and replace
    Use the GTA 5 Launcher Bypass and start game using GTA5.exe
    When you Open OpenIV, do not copy update.rpf to mods folder, ignore that message.

    Now when i launch with the gtav.exe it opens two GTA V's and two Social Clubs when them both saying i can't play unless i sign in. Once i sign in the game errors then closes.

  • Okay i deleted everything out of my Mods folder which probably conflicted with the new update. But launching GTAV.exe still launches 2 instances of the game.

  • So, I downloaded the Game Patch 1032.1.
    But every time I want to start my GTA V again, its updating to the latest version.

    How do I avoid this?

  • @AToN_ You need the bypass launcher here, follow the instructions and you should be fine.


    If you are using a pirated version I'm sorry to say we can't help you any further though

  • @krissboo Never mind, Was my fault :D Already fixed it and I can play =)

  • @AToN_ Cool, and sorry for the piracy comment, always gotta check ;)

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