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Own Game like GTA V?

  • Own Game like GTA V

    Hello dear community, as you can read in the title, this request is about a own game like GTA V. Before you think this boy is crazy read first everything through.

    This community has so many good people who are also familiar with such things. I mean this community has script writers, car creators, map creators, there are even people who can create their own server. Then there are still people who convert 3D models for the game. And there are people who make characters (Peds) for the game. Then there are still people who are familiar with Photoshop and thus get a good cover.

    If this community wants to create something together then it creates it.

    Of course, I know that there will be many problems and will give many problems. A game does not fall from the sky. But a master never fell from heaven. Creating a game costs time, money, patience, and nerves.

    Maybe you think now this boy spins now really. But no, this boy has a dream that he wants to fulfill. But he can't do it alone he needs help.

    What do you think about that? Is this only a dream or could this dream come true?

    I'm sorry for my english. I translate from German into English with Google translator.

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  • I thought about it there will be an ISO file to install, which is free to download. But this ISO file is uploaded to a hoster where per download money is earned. And this money is either used further for the game, donated or otherwise for something.

  • Is not so crazy, I want to create a game totally moddable for gamers with a lot of thematics in a life simulator multiverse. The thing is, even if I'm capable cause in a near time I'll graduated in videogames development, projects like this requires time and resources, lots of resources to offer a good game. There exists a lot of game engines, ready to offer graphic power, development features and connectivity for developers, some requires payments and others not, but finally this is a business. If we develope a big game like an open world and not earn money with it, so who will to pay the bills and the life time invested in the years of development.

    A team can develope great things, but finally money is the way to enhance hardware, software and keep alive an idea and a development team.

  • @Rarefacer You are right. We can not develop a game for years and then give it away. This time and the money are too valuable to give it away.

  • @CSQ574 I mean theoretically we could just use an older copy of gta to start with like mine(1032.1) which still has mods working. Also because most of the internals of gta consist of metas and xmls - we can easily modify them to our needs. As for script mods like trainers to start with as a base could be modified by more experienced and talented scripters so they install via the native gta script format (I think it's .ysc, or something like that) and then of course textures and cars could be modified like they always are. What would be nice is being able to run all these mods without a mods folder so it looks like an original build of an unmodified game.

    Since we have come so far in gta modding, physics mods and graphics mods could be easily implemented. The trouble is just the amount of time it requires and community input for what features are needed for literally everything from cars to graphics and maybe implementing that space mod. Also another issue is releasing it to the public. While this game would be heavily modified to the point where the casual gamer would not recognize that it's gta, it still uses gta as its core base. Rockstar would not like that if it was released. That is because not that we modified their game, but we are essentially giving a way a pirated game if it still has key internal elements of gta. This is an interesting idea, but it faces many hurdles and requires a ton of time

  • @wlupoli lol how to give an heart attack to take two . Even if we all participate to this, it will requires a f****** organization between everybody .

  • @CSQ574 it can be done with unity 3d engine or unreal engine 4, becoz they are free.

    If rage becomes free oneday it can be done in time. right now unity and unreal engine 4 are best options for this.

    Everyone here within their role will have to re learn new tools for it, as these tools wont work with those engines.

    Not practical for all but few talented ones can do it.

  • Few months ago (a lot of months), Hayssam Keylani (co-developer of IcEnhacer graphics mods for GTA IV) says something related to the rebuild of Rage engine in GTA IV, making run the game in poor hardware specs and with exceptional graphics in this post.

    If that could be a reality, we can go back to GTA IV where we can handle every game's component. Maybe there is not some GTA V features like IK chains in animations, raycast 3D space coding, more steps to convert and adjust vehicles, etc, but sure there R* and T2 not will to F*** us and the modding community could reach awesome modding levels not seen before.

  • @Rarefacer rage engine is not free and is property of t2 and or rockstar games . so its prsctically same stort as gta V.

    Hence i said unity 3d and unreal engine 4 are best options yet, im practicle as we cant use our tools with them. We need to learn all over again.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Some games are abandoned, is the case of GTA SA, now exists a lot of private servers , some earn money with contents, mods and indie game modes. GTA IV is also abandoned, exists a lot of private servers running without bans.
    Something similar happened when Garry's Mod was released on Source engine (from Valve's game Half Life 2). Later was released like a "stand alone" game and was no more necessary a Valve game copy to make it run.

    Actually to create a mod platform is better a finished game. If we start the development in Unity, Unreal, Stingray, CryEngine, Lumberyard, Xenko, Godot, GameMaker and other game engines, we will stay limited by the resources and assets. We can't develope new games using old games resources/assets, is part of policy distribution of those game engines even under free licenses.

  • @Rarefacer unity 3d and unreal engine 4 are latest and more comprehensive than rage engine gta 5 uses.

    But i get it , its new alot of people cant simply learn new stuff. And the game has to be made so... Yea

  • @wlupoli @Rarefacer @FoxtrotDelta But there would be many Problems. Beacause you can't copy a game and change it to yours. Then the next problem you need License for the real cars. And so the problems are stacked.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Yeah I know, I develope in Unity mainly, but from scratch is too much work in scripting, modelling, animation, development of an online platform and offer a game well done, playable, stable and easy to mod (requires file research and assets import/export dedicated tools).

    I like some game systems to add mods like Just Cause 2 game:
    We just drop a package (easily editable with any compressed file tool like 7zip or WinRar) with our new assets to a folder and that is all. The game do all the job for us, without configurations, file replacements or edit params.

  • @Rarefacer @wlupoli @FoxtrotDelta But i know it is possible to create a Game. For the Maps we have many people we Can make a new city. Maybe a copy of Miami or something like that. Own Weapons and real cars with fake Badges..

  • @CSQ574 Yeah is possible, just will to take a long time reach a quality level near to a GTA game, even in just vehicle physics and ped AI, dynamic entities are the life in a game.

  • @Rarefacer Yes but to develop such a game as GTA 5 has also taken time. There are also people who have developed an Euphoria Mod. It is not a master fallen from heaven, everything takes some time until it is seen.

  • @Rarefacer Look at the Quote down below your comments: “Everything you can imagine, is real” Pablo Picasso

  • @CSQ574 Haha touché!

    You're right, is possible. Here exists some videogame developers with experience in game engines. Grand Theft Space mod is being developed by an Unity developer.

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