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Are they done updating Scripthook V?

  • Although I refuse to play until OPENIV is allowed to operate, I was just wondering because before I found out about it after the newest GTAV patch I wasn't able to launch game because of scripthook v

  • I hope not, I'm also wondering if they won't update it.

  • Let's hope that Alex could update ScriptHook despite the dark topic of stopping mods. By the way, I still don't know clearly if Take2 will definitely put down the modding.
    But if so, and if ScriptHook could be updated just one more time, maybe we could find a way to freeze the game to keep it modded and functional as a normal game. I'm sure there is a way to do.
    I can not imagine that we will have to come back to a sad and incomplete version that the original game offer.


    Topic closed. There are already some talking about the same thing.

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