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installing just google file and not mod file.

  • Hi, I have a problem. Then I downloading mods its just downloading google file... its not downloading the mod file. I have winrar and i have tried all stuff to get it working. i deleted my virus program (mcafee or something like that) but its not downloading :( Pls help <3 :(

  • No one has replied yet and there is a simple reason for it. Your information is totally insufficient!

  • @Cyron43 LOL! I got lost after "Then I downloading mods"...

  • @eshenk cause you think everyone talk english, or that only you don't do fault, so don't do any effort and prefer being sarcastic, but if you do an effort you could have understand that he wanted to say " when ", it don't need a fat qi ...

    @kevinjoh2512 try to be a bit more explicit, the info aren't clear and it's not enough to help you

  • @Shaezbreizh Uhm...WUT?!?

  • @eshenk said in installing just google file and not mod file.:

    @Shaezbreizh Uhm...WUT?!?

    ^ one of your favorite reply when someone ask something and that it isn't clear, i've seen this one numerous time. that the point that make me think you're sarcastic, if you don't really wanna help people just don't reply, it's better for everyone

  • @Shaezbreizh I help a LOT of people here....I have quite a history of doing just that over the past couple years. I can't tell you how many times I have provided backups for people privately in chat sessions and all the troubleshooting advice I gave in the scripthook threads. The OP raised a question that NO person can understand.

    This person needs to find a gaming forum in HIS native Country, using his own language so that people can help him. PERIOD. Also, this is the 21st century for crying out loud. There is no modernized society I know of that does not teach English as a second language. The guy needs to get with the program, LOL.

  • @eshenk what I mean is that when someone don't talk english well or have a non clear answer, you just being sarcastic instead of saying them to correct or being more clear
    My bad, i should i've said, " if you refrain to help people that got difficulty in english or do error then don't reply them"
    Yeah a lot of country teach english, doesn't mean everyone can handle it. And i'll not blame that people since a lot of anglophone don't really do any effort with other language or to understand people that have difficulty in english.

    about forum; " This person needs to find a gaming forum in HIS native Country, using his own language so that people can help him. "
    that not cause you refrain to help people that get difficulty in english that noone will help them.
    This forum is regrouping a lot of nationality different, and his deserved to gta modding, no need to say that he 've to change of forum to an other that talk his native language.
    Just explain him to be more clear, and/or give more information is enough .

    well, let stop offtopic and expect he will clarify his question

  • I think he means that it is downloading the rar file and it's not opening with winrar. If that's the case then just right click the file and click on open with winrar

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