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[TOOL][WIP] Map Builder

  • Overview:
    This mod supplies map creators with new tools used to build maps. Build a new island using terrain tools, or make your own dream home using interior tools. It's all up to your imagination now. What will you build?

  • v2.2 : Finished Walls Update Released

    Go get it now! https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/map-builder

  • v2.2.1 (Testing Stage)
    -further stability for v2.2 and bug fixes.

  • alt text
    Just in time for the extended 4th of July weekend!

  • v2.2.1 (releasing soon)
    -further stability for v2.2 and bug fixes.
    -objects spawning randomly fix
    -rendering fixes

  • Project Low-End (Progress: 25%)
    I'm starting a new project today called "Project Low-End" Further details coming at next progression update.

  • v2.3 (Development Stage)
    A new version is in development. More info coming soon.

    -Also feel free to upvote and comment. I hope everyone had a great holiday!

  • Project Low-End (Progress: 50%)
    reworked & ready for testing.

  • Project Low-End (Progress: 65%)
    -testing stage 1 complete (successful)
    -scripting stage in progress

  • Project Open-Source (Progress: 15%)
    -Early planning stage / for win10
    -The return of "MB Workshop"
    (very early stages in development)

  • Map Builder has reached 28 officially released objects!

  • Quick Update: Right now my main focus is fixing bugs and making things run as smooth as possible for all users across the board. This is not an easy task but it must be done and it must be done correctly. Much more coming soon!

    Known Bugs To Be Fixed: (some users)

    • Rainbow Effect Bug
    • GPU Rendering Bug
    • Heavy Load 4K Bug
    • Object Spawn Unlocker Bug
    • Other Minor Bugs

    (These bugs are only noticeable for some users. The mod is in complete redevelopment. Thank you for your patience.)

  • Making great progress. After 2 weeks of solid work I've finally managed to fix multiple bugs including the rainbow colored mipmap bug, GPU rendering bugs and more!

  • @OmegaKingMods Hey, I use your Map Builder Mod a lot, thank you for this. I have no problem with it. I just wanted to give you credits for all your hard work. I'm looking forward for next updates.

  • @OmegaKingMods I've a nice project under dev, it's done to 40 % right now and I hesitate to start to use map builder now or wait for update, does the next update is changing some block like grass or concrete ?

  • I was wondering about this idk if you can add like ped patrols and things like that... Need me to specify or no...

  • @OmegaKingMods can models include building

  • @COD-MASTER-123 Well,
    Ped don't react well on spawned object (that like it don't exist for them) so idk but you can still post a request for a mod that would do such thing (there's already some way to do it but as I said it's not really efficient on spawned object and mostly work on normal gta ground )

  • Hello guys, howdy? I'm new here. Congratz for your guys job. I'm creating a map in GTA but I'm facing some difficulties can someone help me? I'm making a small lab but I can't get the objects that are inside ''humane lab in gta'' like the microscope (this object is really important to me, so I can create this lab map).I even downloaded a map that has this microscope but I can't spawn or copy it with Menyoo or Map Editor! Idk how the creator did it, but if someone can help me, please tell me. Thank you so much!

  • @S2Drezza When selecting the model with menyoo it doesn't show the model name? If it doesn't show the name and it shows something like 0x0000000 you can then go into map editor and just copy the entity without finding out the name. Or if you're using Menyoo just favorite the model.

  • @Kaai210 I already did that, but everytime the object is invalid for me, when I put the object on menyoo's favorite I can't spawn it, I got an error saying that I need to check ''medical facilities'' it doesn't make any sense. I tried already how to updated the objectlist.ini but I always get ''invalid'' for example:
    v_med_microscope is always invalid for me, I can't get the prop using map editor nor menyoo, but someone did a Map with this prop sp there is a way to get it I just don't knmow how to do it. :(

  • Quick Update
    The latest patch for Map Builder (Patch 05) is in the final testing stages. This update will include multiple bug fixes and improvements to every aspect of Map Builder.

    I know it doesn't seem like much but this is exactly what the mod needs in order to run smoothly for all users. This also opens new doors for the future of Map Builder.

    Also, the ObjectList is NOT changing until we get GIMS support for custom RAGE models. Even then I will continue to support backwards compatibility for Map Builder 2. Stay patient and keep on building!

    Furthermore their will not be a spotlight featured map this month. Featured Maps will make a return in the near future.

    Yours Truly, OmegaKingMods :wink:

  • This post is deleted!

  • Coming Soon

  • :o: v2.3 : Patch 05 + MB2E (Release 8/27/2016)
    A major update that will sustain the future of Map Builder will release today!

    Overview of v2.3:
    Map Builder will now support the latest version of GTA V. Stunt props have been added to Map Builder's ObjectList. The mod has been completely reworked from scratch and has been built specifically for the RAGE Engine. Map Builder is running better than ever with its new properties and dimensions. Multiple bugs such as the Rainbow Effect bug, GPU bugs, and many more have all been fixed! Map Builder now takes into account that many PC's can't handle 4K UHD resolutions. In exchange for major performance and quality boosts Map Builder now runs in Full RGB 1080p HD for all PC's capable of running GTA V, Cutting memory down by a sheer 90%. This allows for faster loading of user created maps. More builder props can now be used with far less performance drops also. A Troubleshooting Guide is now provided with error codes so users can now diagnose problems and hopefully fix them on their own. This may not seem like much to the average user but this opens up new possibilities for the future of Map Builder.

    What is MB2E?
    MB2E stands for Map Builder 2 Experience. I know many users have been confused about the installation process of Map Builder. This all changes with MB2E. The installation process has never been easier. Once the user has successfully installed all of the listed requirements, the user must simply install a single OIV file labeled "MB2E.oiv". This single script will install Map Builder + Preload + ObjectList all in one convenient file.

    Content Log List For v2.3:
    v2.3 : Patch 05 + MB2E
    -Updated For Latest GTA V Update
    -Added Multiplayer Stunt Props (ObjectList)
    -Completely Reworked The Mod
    -MB2E Launch (Map Builder + Preload + ObjectList)
    -Troubleshoot Guide Added
    Bug Fixes & Improvements:
    -Removed "How To Install" video to free memory (can be found on Map Builder page)
    -Removed "Preview" folder (will return in the future)
    -Removed "Valid ObjectList" from custom lists
    -Replaced "Auto Backup" with "Uninstall Map Builder" instructions
    -Updated "DLC List" & other text files for MB2E
    -Fixed random prop spawning bug
    -Fixed double layer texture bug
    -Fixed rainbow effect bug
    -Fixed GPU rendering bug
    -Reduced memory usage
    -Ability to place more props without lag
    -Increased loading speed of user created maps
    -Changed texture compression formats
    -Fixed distance rendering bugs
    -Changed 4K textures to Full RGB 1080p
    -Changed pixel dimensions to match RAGE Engine
    -Error Codes 163/170/183/190 added
    -Improved user experience

    Thank You, OmegaKingMods

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