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  • Will it ever be updated now because of the whole T2 affair with OpenIV?

  • Banned

    I firmly believe, it will never be updated.

  • Maybe it's possible to make it ignore the game version? I tried messing around with it and I managed to remove the fatal error message and launch the game with it in the same folder, but it still won't load scripts.


    @Stahlherz The reason it gives that error after a game update is because it needs to be updated. Removing the message won't help.

  • @Jitnaught I know. I was just seeing if I could at least get it to recognize a different game version, but that's as far I could go without luck. It doesn't crash or force the game to close but I was expecting a lot less than that.


    If there's not an update on the Official ScriptHookV site after a week or 2 as maximum, probably Alexander Blade won't update it anymore.

    That's all we know, there's nothing more to say. Please, avoid to create new Topics about this, topic closed.

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