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How to update game and then revert to old version?

  • So i use launcher bypass and won't update my game, but if i want to try new update, and then revert to previous version, backup of which files should i do? I guess it should be GTA5.exe, update.rpf and maybe GTAVlauncher.exe?

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    Gta5.exe is all you need to backup.

    You can avoid gtavlauncher.exe because bypasslauncher disables it.
    update.rpf will be there untouched in mods folder, so no need to back that up too.

    But u can keep a back up of all those, just in case


    @Yarm1995 Just make a backup of your entire game on a HDD or any other external device. Then, you can update your installed game, test the new update, and when finished just delete the GTA V updated install and put back the backup.

  • @Reyser I just dont want to copy whole game directory, but you right this is most reliable and solid method.


    @Yarm1995 For me is the best way to do it. This way you can avoid having problems in the future when restoring your game. Has been almost a year since I use this method and my game still works fine after every update + the mods I had/have installed on it :P

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