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  • I really hope we see more updates of ScriptHookV cause that's what keeps the mods going and I am still highly upset that Take two did a bitch move to take away our modding tool how are we going to be able to mod our game when future updates roll around what tool can we use then when openIV won't be able to function right in a few months or so we need another modding tool similar to openIV I'm really concerned about this.

  • I will give you a hint: Alexander Blade is part of OpenIV team.

  • @cyberzone2 well if he is then will he still continue with the ScriptHookV project? and will they make another modding tool like openIV later on?

  • Yea, unfortunately that workaround launcher tool doesn't work if you already updated the game. Even backing up the /update folder doesn't work. Mod said 1-2 weeks and if not, development probably stopped.

  • @BinaryGreen it worked for me ? my game never updated I was playing for a few hours earlier

  • @cyberzone2
    I firmly believe that the development of ScriptHookV is still ongoing (but the Gunrunning SHV fix will probably be the final update, just my speculations) given the fact the OpenIV did not in any way, include or require the ScriptHookV.asi program so it's possible that the Take-Two officials did not take SHV into account.
    According to LSPDFR notes, no individuals or groups were affected except the OpenIV team. I wouldn't be too concerned about having Alexander Blade in the list considering he was involved in lots of projects. The Take-Two officials probably noticed him, but I'm not sure.
    He does not own an account to this site and no comments or notifications were realeased on Blade's official pages. So I think it still got one more shot. If there has been no ScriptHookV updates after 2~3 weeks or Blade abandoned the project, it's the worst-case scenario and we should just say goodbye to the legend and downgrade or find another solution if possible.(which I think the chances are pretty slim, considering it has to be entirely reconstructed.)
    These are just my speculations. I advice install an earlier update of OpenIV and restrict the program's access to Internet.
    4 now let's just cross our fingers and hope these T2 PA shit works out :)
    I will try to send a legal memo email to Take-Two and Rockstar after my HSE exam and find out a solution.


    Again, please don't create new topics to talk about ScriptHookV, just wait for news as we all do. No one knows if it'll be updated, just wait.

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