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Where can I get an older version of RagePlugin Hook?

  • I checked their site and it looks like they don't offer older versions of ragehook plugin? Before I realized that there was a gta 5 patch, I updated ragehook to the new version, which doesn't work with old gta patches.

    I'm currently keeping my gta on 1.0.1032, because of scripthookV, and I need the ragehook that's compatible with that patch.

    Is there a site that has older ragehook versions?

  • @Gosuphobia I think the LSPDFR file hasn't updated to the latest version, meaning you can take a 1.0.1032 compatible RPH from there.

  • That's good idea, thanks.

  • @Gosuphobia Have had the same problem. I really don´t understand why they can not provide older versions of hook. They are probably affiliated to R* inoffically, to force people to update the game to the next version or R* is inoffically behind this Tool. Just speculating, of course.;)

    Here you go: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/6Pg9/rHfjFhcBh

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