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How to keep game from updating?

  • OpenIV and all my mods works since I did not update game to latest version. But now the game dont accept offline mode anymore. I can run the game a few time in offline mode, then it start to say that I have not signed in on this computer and that I have to get online to play. Ofc then game start to update and some mods will not work. So how can I keep this game from updating and run OpenIV at the same time?

    Blocking in firewall do not work.
    Using commandline dont work
    GTAVLauncherBypass dont work with OpenIV

    Any suggestions?

  • I just cut my internet connection (click the internet symbol in the task icon section (lower right), find your router in the list, click it and click "disconnect"). I play every day and I have never faced the issue you mentioned.

  • @Cyron43 Hi and thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and still got the same result. It seems like my somehow game "forget" that I have logged in before when I turn of internet. I can start game 2 times with internet turned off but then I get this message:
    "You have not previously signed in on this machine. Offline play is only available for accounts that have previously signed in on this machine while connected to the internet and while Social Club Services are available."

    I found some solutions online like deleting social club folder and repair the installation but nothing changed. I think this is or was a issue for many players that "offline"/no internet mode dont work. Im tempted to go looking for a crack so I can play this game in offline mode.

    This is a little funny because not long ago I had the opposite issue, the game was stuck in offline mode :D

    Any other suggestions?

  • @xxx78 Well, I have multiple GTA V Folders in my Steam library. For example, "Grand Theft Auto V" is the directory Steam is pointed to, to open the game. So, I have two other folders named "Grand Theft Auto V Redux" and "Grand Theft Auto Mods". All I do, is rename the folder I want to play with and change the original one to "Grand Theft Auto clean". I also make sure my updates are turned off. So, if I haven't launched GTA V in a while, I make sure there's not an update and I only update my "clean" version.

    I hope this helps!

  • @xxx78

    try what I did in my post here >> https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/12043/gta-5-activation-without-updating/25
    I had a similar issue that forced me to re-activate.
    I did was I was suggested and can confirm it works (together with launcher bypass)

  • @xxx78 @Sabrina2001 @Cyron43 @BattlePhenom Use this https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/gtavlauncherbypass it will launch the game without updating even with internet connection enabled.

  • @Vermin @Sabrina2001 Thanks for the suggestions. I tested it and it work great, but when running OpenIV I can get it to work. I dont understand how to use OpenIV with GTAVLauncherBypass. I made a post in the mod comments but I got no reply yet.

  • @xxx78
    I have no issues using OpenIV (and I don't think that launcher bypass affects OpenIV)
    Maybe the issue here is somewhere else? Are you getting an error message or similar?

  • @Sabrina2001 hmm thats strange. When I run game without OpenIV and use GTAVLauncherBypass I dont get asked to go online, but when I run game from OpenIV I get asked to go online. There is no error message, just that the game after starting a few times give this message: "You have not previously signed in on this machine. Offline play is only available for accounts that have previously signed in on this machine while connected to the internet and while Social Club Services are available."

    Just so I understand you correctly, you start OpenIV, then launch game from OpenIV and GTAVLauncherBypass works right?

  • @xxx78
    Launch the Game from OpenIV ?!
    This kinda confuses me now...

    Let me try to explain...
    You did follow the steps from my other thread? (Meaning you have updated, but with the old .exe and backup your scripthook and mods work perfectly?)
    If yes then you should be able to use OpenIV to edit and mod as much as you want!
    After that just make sure to start GTA by using the gta5.exe (as instructed by launcherbypass)
    If you start GTA the regular way (via launcher etc..) it will most likely fail or crash (or download the updates again and make scripthook useless)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Sabrina2001 @xxx78 RUN GTA5.exe, NOT FROM OPENIV, IT WON'T WORK GETTING LAUNCHED BY OPENIV. (damn caps lock)

  • @krashadam
    Why are you tagging me?
    I have no issues running the Game...
    If you saw my Post you may noticed that I wrote the same thing.: Launch game with gta5.exe (not the regular way, as instructed by launcher bypass) ..

  • @Sabrina2001 Accidental tag, typing on mobile on this site sucks.

  • @krashadam
    haha, okay :D
    But maybe, since we both wrote the same, I hope he can successfully start the Game now!

  • @xxx78 Like @krashadam said do not run it from OpenIV. Place The bypass launcher files in the directory of GTA 5, Run GTA5.exe

    OpenIV has been shut down for further development, so running through OpenIV has no chance to start GTA 5 at this moment.

  • @Sabrina2001 @krashadam I have no problem running game from OpenIV, just block OpenIV in firewall..voila...
    But ok then I get it, Edit original files, not use mods folder from OpenIV, and then launch game gta5.exe right?

  • @xxx78
    You can do (and use) any mod you want.
    Mod Folder, Add-On Cars, Scripthook etc.
    Just make sure you have A: Bypasslauncher installed (the asi plugin) and B: ALWAYS(!) start the game by using the gta5.exe (in the Game Folder)
    NO other start shortcuts, no launcher, not steam etc...

    If you follow these instruction, you can play modded GTA5 without troubles and even use scripthook until an update is released..

    If you use launcherbypass there is no need for firewall... (During startup my GTA always connects me to social club and activation servers without errors)

  • @Sabrina2001 hehe thanks for your patience, I did not know that the game used the mods folder without OpenIV, I thought it was required to run the game from OpenIV to make use of the mods folder. Hopefully I got it right now..hehe

  • @xxx78 I'll just add that both OpenIV and ScriptHookV have been updated.

    All modding operations are currently back to normal.

    For further details, please refer to the following post [Information/Discussion] ScriptHookV & OpenIV Updates.

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