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FATAL- Unknown game version!

  • So i downloaded the mod "Simple zombies" and i downloaded everything that i had to download so the mod would work. I made sure i put all the files in the right place. I have everything updated. My gta is version 1.0.1103.2.

    But when i open up gta. it says "FATAL- Unknown game version.

    Does anbyone know how to fix this? It says scripthook doesnt support this game version. But i have the latest scripthook V installed!

    My scripthook V Version is v1.0.1032.1

  • There's no scripthook for newest version

  • Is a new version gonna come out?

    Or is there any other way for me to play the mod?


    No more topics about this please, no one knows when it will come if it does. Just wait and keep visiting Alexander Blade Website (Author of ScriptHookV) as we all do.

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