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[Vehicle] (W.I.P.) 1965/66 Pontiac Full-size Package Mod 2.0

  • After hearing the Take Two BS against Open IV it got me thinking about modding again (Which I haven't had any mods installed for a while now) and going though the mods again inspired me to start my 1965/66 Pontiac Full-size Package Mod again. If you remember from last time, I rage quit the project because I got frustrated with 3ds max because it was piece of shit (largely because you have to understand so much of the program before you know how to use it). This time I plan on getting the Project done with at least the 2 door 1965 Catalina done.

    My goals are four 2 door models: Convertible, Post, Hardtop and Custom Station Wagon. Four 4 door models: Station Wagon, Sedan, Hardtop and Continental style Convertible. Both the 1965 model and 1966 too , but yet another step further would a low rider mod for the car!

    0_1497713639986_1965 pontiac Catalina progress 2w.png . 0_1497713797473_1965 pontiac Catalina progress 2rw.png

    This the progress (Fresh model) I've made in the past 3 days. At the moment, the model is in it's early stages I'd say, so there is a lot to do get the 2 door model ready for GTA 5

  • @John-Lemon Glad, that you decide to continue your work!

  • @yarm1995 Thanks man, it good to be back and doing a labor of love. I likely haven't quit the last time if it wasn't for the fact the 3ds max was being a pain in the ass for me. This time I've gotten far further in just a few days rather than a few weeks. You think you can do the textures again? I said I need someone to help out on that one ;)

  • Just a quick update, I just did the whole frame, less the suspension
    0_1497748338621_1965 pontiac Catalina progress 3fw.png

  • @John-Lemon Yes, i can help you. I'm limited in time now, but i find hour or two per day to modding

  • @Yarm1995 Alright, thanks for the help. If you end up losing the time to help out that's cool, just give me a shout before then, cool?

  • @Yarm1995, when I send everything to you for texturing, should everything be together or separated?

  • @John-Lemon All parts should be detached. Also, dont setting up the materials in 3d max, because they should be fully reconfigurated for using in GTA5.

  • @Yarm1995 Okay, good to know, I'll separate everything that should be separate. How should everything be separated, by what they'll be textured or as a physical unit (EX: the seat inserts make up the seat, but use different materials)

    As you can see though, I've color coded everything, will that be of any use to you? or just to me, they aren't textured, just coloring for the surface.

  • @John-Lemon Parts should be separated by units, not necessary to separate them by materials. Left materials colored, but give them proper names, in order to i know how to setup them properly. P.S i have HQ engine with enginebay from '65 GTO, maybe you need some parts from this?
    alt text

  • @Yarm1995 AWESOME, much need info. Yes, most of them are properly name so I can identify them myself (lol). As for the GTO engine, that would be very much wanted, a lot of what made the GTO different from the Lemans was the 389, which came out the Catalina. Does that model have the Turbo Transmission by any chance? That'd be awesome.

  • UPDATE 2#: I cut the rain vents in the cowling (for whatever reason I can't upload it). Separated the rear tail panel from the body and separated the tail lights from the tail panel. Made the dashboard (I don't like, I'm going to end up remaking it at some point). The underside of the trunk lid was added. There was also correcting I had to do and bunch of small stuff to tidy up.
    0_1498067523064_1965 pontiac Catalina progress 6sw.png
    0_1498067533433_1965 pontiac Catalina progress 6Iw.png

    @Yarm1995 How do you want me to add the wheels, on the car, or off on the side?

  • @John-Lemon Rear bumper and trunk looks very good for a first model. But front wings and roof looks not so smooth (maybe it just seems like that from this point of view), are you planning to use meshsmooth modificator on them later? About wheels, just place them where they should be normally (GTA use only front left wheel, but rest wheels in their places required for making proper collisions and centering axes). Also, link for GTO engine: Google Drive

  • @Yarm1995 What are we doing about the LOD? I'm going to make them, how separate should each one be?

  • @John-Lemon Separate them exactly the same as high LOD parts, and name like this: body_LOD1 , trunk_LOD2, etc.

  • @Yarm1995 all in the same file or in separate files? I think LOD 0 is its own file while LOD 1-4 are the same file. Judging by the quality of the model, it would be considered LOD 3 as it has 2880 Polys while a LOD 4 would have only 500-900. To achieve the LOD 4 I'm going to redo the model once the LOD 3 is done and simplify it to have far fewer polys to hit the goal of 500-900 polys. To Achieve LOD 1&2 it would be smoothing out the model even further, but what about achieving LOD 0? Would you say that this model could get to that point? Or will it need a lot more than smoothing commands?

  • @John-Lemon Yes, for ingame use LOD 0 contains in _hi.yft, and rest of the LODs in regular .yft, but for more convenient editing left all LODs in one file. About polycount, its not necessary to make it exactly the same, as on default models. Even stock GTA models have different polycount, i.e LOD 0 for old vehicles, that be ingame since release it ~50-60k, and for some vehicles from new DLCs its ~90-100k polys. And also model can have lower polycount, if some parts on your model will be too lowpoly, try to use meshsmooth on them.

  • UPDATE 3#: Some more work, I got the tires start, they just need a little more ironing out, small stuff and they'll be done. After that, I'll be moving on to putting the engine into the body of the car and glass, plus a bunch of small odds and ends and that will be the LOD 3 for the 2 door coupe Catalina

    0_1498253628951_1965 pontiac Catalina progress 8fw.png 0_1498253678875_1965 pontiac Catalina progress 8wh.png
    0_1498253655051_1965 pontiac Catalina progress 8Iw.png
    0_1498253659558_1965 pontiac Catalina progress 8rw.png 0_1498253670551_1965 pontiac Catalina progress 8Sw.png

    @Yarm1995, interesting, ok so everything should everything be stack on top of each other? or side by side to each other? Also, the Engine you link to me is unusable, both Blender and 3ds Max couldn't open it

  • @John-Lemon No matter, how do you place LODs parts, but for me be more convenient, if they just be in their right places, example:
    alt text
    alt text

    Also, i check engine files, and it really won't imports in Max, but everything ok in zmodeler. I try to re-export in another formats, and only old and horrible .3ds imports fine in my 3ds Max 2014. I afraid, that UV mapping and normals was screwed, during converting to 3ds, but its better, than nothing: Link

  • UPDATE 4# The model has gotten to the point that it's hard to render it because of all the different individual parts, So I made of copy of the car and weld a bunch of the part together to render what I have now. I've finally got to the grill which came out fantastic. I made the front control arms for the front tires, the wheel wells (they need to be inverted to show up in the engine bay, I forgot to do that last night because it was late :P) made some small adjustments to odd things and made the Radiator support!

    0_1498311945733_1965 pontiac Catalina progress 9f.png
    0_1498311960616_1965 pontiac Catalina progress 9e.png
    0_1498311967760_1965 pontiac Catalina progress 9b.png

  • @Yarm1995 Smokin' Rockets is that a high poly model, my Catalina is a mere 6,100 polys and the engine is 35,000! I assume that the engine mod is for the LOD 0 model because that is BEYOND high for anything else. I think I'll work with the model, but like I said, it's going into the LOD 0 model. Also, thank you for the how you want me to stack the models, I'll keep that in mind

  • @John-Lemon Of course, LOD 1 and further don't need such engine detalization, even for LOD 0 polycount of some details can be reduced, or they can be removed (did you see that spring, coming to throttle?)

  • @Yarm1995 Oh, it's THAT detailed, wow. I've just been going down the checklist I have. I think some things don't need to be SUPER detailed such as control arm mounts, but other things do. you think I should make my own low poly engine and then use the one you sent me as LOD 0?

  • @John-Lemon You know, when i converting my Monte Carlo, i remember about game BeamNG drive, it have pretty low poly models, but with fully detalized chassis and engines, and these models just stored in .dae in game folder. I dont see anything looking like Pontiac from these years in this game, but if you want, i can search for some simillar engine, that you can use as base.

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