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[Vehicle] (W.I.P.) 1965/66 Pontiac Full-size Package Mod 2.0

  • @Yarm1995 I can't see the images for some reason, but okay, I'm up for it, send it my way

  • Try making the exhaust misc if it's not already?

  • So. What's the status on Pontiac?

  • @John-Lemon Send you beta version, check PM

  • @GreenAid They are misc already. I had similar problem with Lada Samara, and solve it with reduce amount of hierarchy objects, but for now i still search solution.

  • @Bo-Decker Beta version is ready

  • @Yarm1995 The Catalina is almost ready to be released, but here are some things I noticed while fooling around in GTA 5. For one, I could break the rear bumper off much easier than the front bumper. The front fenders never broke off for me while in police pursuit. The body area below the headlights aren't double layered, so the underside is a mirror to what's above. The underside of the grill does this too, on top of the grill surround is body color instead of a flat acrylic aluminium. Also, the license plate surround on the front doesn't deform with the car in a car accident, it stays the shape it is no matter what


    I know you removed tuning parts, but the two you left in weren't able to be applied, I don't know if that info is of any value. The 2+2 badge on the inner door card was missing, the outer door handle clipped through the door a little bit. The dealer tag extra and the arrowhead does the same on the trunk lid. Also, the stock shifter ball is white from the factory, I'm wrong, that's for Mopars of the same period that's true for, you're right


    Also, you're still using the replacement mirrors from the Moonhawk as default


    The brake cylinder is the wrong color, it's green! The battery caps are also wrong. I don't blame you for that one, since everyone in that time period used acid caps, but on AC Delco batteries (Which every GM uses parts from them) in the 1960's used yellow caps instead of the normal red caps for some reason. The terminals are also red for some reason when they should be gray lead color. As for the firewall and inner fender, I think I would have made them a flat black, but if they stayed a rusty finish, I wouldn't complain that much


    This is a modeling mistake on my part, but could you close up the hole in the back of the drum by any chance?


    Also, when the tires pop, the side wall doesn't go away with the rest of the tire for some reason and acts like it's the rim

    I know it's not done, but the car seems to use Sabre Turbo's color palate, and it be really cool if @Greenaid would make up the factory color palate (Link: http://www.tachrev.com/Paint_Charts_Pontiac/1965_Pontiac_Paint_chart.jpg, Hint, Hint ;P)

    On a bright note, I noticed you got the headlight lighting up right (Tops on first, bottoms are high beams). The car drives really nicely and as you'd think it would, even if it's not the fastest modded in car, you still think you're going fast. It look all there and I'm just happy I got to drive something I made in 3DS Max! I can't wait to start seeing this in people's modded games and all the mods working properly!


    @John-Lemon @Yarm1995 Almost ready;) any more in game screenshots

  • From that last screen it seems the axle is higher than the rim, and that bump on the exhaust/tank is a bit weird :s

  • @Biggdogg here's some screen shots
    0_1537225774489_Allthemrears.png 0_1537225777027_atsunset.png 0_1537225778818_BytheSea.png0_1537225785695_Fromthewesttothesea.png 0_1537225787650_getanywhereincomfortevenontopoftheworld.png0_1537225795248_ontopoftheworldahead.png0_1537225912530_easydayswork2.png 0_1537225938544_Justintimeforaction2.png 0_1537225988367_shedoesn'tknowyet2.png 0_1537226026413_Pontiacisahead2.png

    It'd be really cool if someone made those into advertisements. I would myself, but I don't have photoshop, I just got MS Paint!

    I think Yarm did a great job importing the model into GTA 5, tidy up a few loose ends and get the mods working and she's ready to be released!

    P.S., All the colors are ingame colors except the Fountain Blue and the Fountain Blue/Dark Turquoise car's interior, that's custom. The Fountain Blue exterior's RBG is 100,125,150 when I put it into Simple Trainer's custom color mixer and the (Fountain Blue and Dark Turquoise cars) interior's RBG is 047,059,097, Pontiac's Bright Blue that year


    @John-Lemon @Yarm1995 looks like you guys did a great job on the car, and nice screenshots

  • @John-Lemon Most things, that you noticed is easy to fix. Bumpers and license plates deformation related with collision and vertices painting, and i just forgot to make front fenders as separate parts, so they are just part of body for now. For grill i make correct material, but it probably accidentally screwed up. About clipping parts, i try to fix them. And also, when i send you improved model, i try to unlock few tuning parts, maybe issue with dissapearing parts related with my gameconfig or something.

  • @GreenAid I'm raised suspension because by default car was too low. And yes, that bump is terrible, i'm still adjusting materials:)

  • alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • @Yarm1995 Any new updates on the Catalina or updated beta test versions for me to play with and bug test?

  • @Yarm1995 Some more poly needed here cause looks bad... some baking will be appreciated as well

  • @Yarm1995 I've been pretty busy my self, so I wasn't able to post what I found, but I did find a few things

    When I was testing the mods, the hood makes body parts (Rear Bumper, Front Seats, Trunk Lid, The steering Wheel) disappear


    It also messes with the exhaust addon as well


    Also, the exhaust fumes don't exit out the side exhaust, they still exit out of the stock exhaust (which doesn't disappear for some reason)


    The Passenger Windshield wiper's shift is sticking up instead of going into the body also (I forgot to get a picture of it)

    The front fenders still don't break off, but I did notice you added the stock mirror (But you didn't make the 70's one a mod part yet). The grey grill part is corrected and the front license surround is corrected. The gauges also work too in first person!

    If those problems clear up, and we get the other mods to work, it'll be ready to release. I don't see any other problems other than the ones listed above

    P.S. does it have Livery support by any chance? Just asking

  • @John-Lemon I have same problems with tuning parts, and i have no idea why this happens. But i think, tuning parts that not replace default parts (spoilers, dices, lights covers, etc) should works fine. I try to ask about this problem on Zmodeler forums, and for first release version make only additional parts, that i mentioned before, or i can left them as extras. About liveries, i think its possible, i can include UV map for them.

  • @Yarm1995 Sounds Good to me. If you want to skip the mod parts that replace stock parts for now until you can figure out what's wrong with them so you can release, I think it's almost ready for release. Have you tried any other mod parts by any chance? (Other than the side exhaust and stage hood)

  • @Yarm1995 anything new with the Catalina?

  • @John-Lemon I'm finishing LODs, some tuning parts, that working fine and some little details. Then i send you model to final testing and its ready for release.

  • @Yarm1995 Okay, awesome, I'm glad it's finally coming out after two years! Boy it doesn't feel like two years though

  • If you need some nice screenshots for release, I'd like to do that for you guys. Just let me know!

  • Screenshots of the Pontiac.

    alt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt textalt text

    Congrats on the car guys, it's really nice. Hoping for an official release soon! Hope you like them!

  • Wouldnt mind having a look at it in zmod once Yarm thinks it's finished :)

    BTW do you have Discord @Yarm1995

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