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[EN] Looking For Some Staff For Modding Team

  • Wanna Join a Modding Team and Show Off All Your Skills To The Public?

    British 999 Modifications Is For You!


    • Be able to speak English
    • Be Able To Be Active Couple Of Times a Week
    • To Be Able To Talk Via Discord Text Chat Or Voice Chat
    • Be Able To Be Nice To Other Members Of Staff!

    Job Positions

    • Scripters
    • Skinners / Texturing
    • Support/ Mail Department
    • Moderators
    • Head Of Departments (1 For Each Department)
    • Modelers (Job not as Demanding)#
    • Website Developers
    • Developers

    How Can I Join?

    There are 2 ways to be able to join

    Email: british999mods@gmail.com
    Discord: https://discord.gg/Vsdsgrx

    Hope to see you there

    British 999 Modifcations Owner

  • @British-999-Mods Can we get a new discord link, Im very interesded

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