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End Of FiveM might be around the corner

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    There's rumors in FiveM subreddit that GTA MP mod was taken down due to take2interactive having and application for private detectives sent at his home, while he got a call from them, they asked him to stop the modification and the modding activities going on in personal mod space source: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2015/11/gta-5-modders-claim-take-two-sent-private-investigators-to-their-home/

    There's rumors about that FiveM got the same but it may not happened to him yet but it can't definitivly happen to him aswell

    Take2Interactive is turning into Konami


    You might be behind a few years, but the lead FiveM developers already got PI's sent to them, them getting taken to court and losing the case.

    This new team took the precautions to prevent that from being able to happen.

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